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Cité des Climats: A quick look at how things are progressing on the sites


The worksite in Beaune:

This innovative work, for which the Beaune City Council is the project manager, will cover 5,000 m², including 3,600 m2 of interior space.  It will be the largest and most spectacular of the three buildings.

After completing the foundations, the first sections of the curved concrete walls leading from the hall of the future spiral to the scenographic space were built. This was followed by the triple-level walls which are almost 8 meters high. Its white-tinted facades were poured in one go and will form the periphery of the base. A few weeks ago, the prefabrication of the hemp concrete insulating modules began. The next step will be the installation of the roof structure.


The worksites in Chablis and in Mâcon:

These two sites, for which the BIVB is the project manager, will be smaller in size.  Unlike Beaune, which is a new building, those of Chablis and Mâcon will be based on existing buildings, to which an extension will be added to provide a total of 800 m2 in Chablis and 1,600 m2 in Mâcon.

As for the work, the first stages were devoted to the demolition and/or rehabilitation of the existing interior spaces as well as to the preparation of the foundations for the future extensions. The first sections have recently been completed in Mâcon. The ones in Chablis are expected soon.


Bourgogne wine are active in wine tourisme. Watch François Labet, co-Chairman of the Bourgogne Wine Board, explaining all the current projets, on the occasion of the Hospices de Beaune Press Conference:






Next steps regarding the worksites are as follows

End of 2021:
• Completion of the transformation of the existing buildings and continuation of the structural work
• Design of the audio-visual contents of the three scenographic tours

First half of 2022:
• Continuation and completion of the exteriors
• Scenographic and interior design, production of audio-visual devices for the scenographic tours

Second half of 2022:
• The three sites will be successively inaugurated with a total opening in March 2023

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