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E-learning: “Discovering Bourgogne wines”

Do you want to know more about Bourgogne wines? Then use our online learning module to lose yourself on a journey to the heart of the wine region, without leaving the comfort of your own home!

First dedicated for the wine industry professionnals, the Bourgogne wines e-learning is now available to all. Including films, 360° photos, interviews and quizzes, this is a complete and modern educationnal tool. Its fun, interactive features allow you to learn about the fascinating world of Bourgogne wines in a straightforward manner.

Four topics to explore at your own pace

Explore the Bourgogne winegrowing region
  • Discovering Bourgogne wines: Dazzle your friends thanks to this program all about terroir, the grape varieties and appellations of the Bourgogne wine region.
  • 365 days in Bourgogne: Follow all the main stages in the production of Bourgogne wines, from vine growing to vinification.
  • Tasting Bourgogne wines: Smelling, tasting, then expressing what you find, this module gives you all you need to know about tasting both red and white wines.
  • Giving the right advice: Benefit from professional advice to become an expert on food and wine combinations to impress your guests!

At the end of each module, a fun quiz allows you to test your knowledge. For each topic, you can also download a revision card that will give you a ready reminder of what you have learned.


A fun way to learn, wherever you are

The diversity of the Bourgogne winegrowing region

At home, on holiday, or on a train, you can plunge into the world of Bourgogne wines at any time of day.

There are several ways you can access the e-learning package:

  • Online, at www.bourgogne-wines.com

Click here to access the online version

  • Without an internet connection, once you have downloaded the software for free

Click here to access the program for download (PC and Mac)

  • On your tablet, for those who want access on the go.

  Click here to access the mobile app for Android
     Click here to access the mobile app for iOS

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