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Cave de Prestige 2024 Awards: 183 Wines to Showcase the Excellence of Bourgogne


Some of the 119 winners - Copyright: BIVB/ Antoine Martel


The Cave de Prestige has been one of the industry's flagship events for over 50 years! It celebrates both the quality and diversity of Bourgogne wines. It is a key communication tool for the wine trade. The standards set are on a par with those of the major trade publications: out of 1,394 samples submitted, only 13.1% received the precious distinction, corresponding to 183 wines.

Wines from the Cave de Prestige are tasted at each training course or event organized by the BIVB, in France or abroad, such as Wine Paris, master classes, VIP visits, themed tastings for professionals, tasting courses at the Bourgogne Wine School, and so on.
These representative wines proudly bear the official selection label for 12 months. More than 8,500 bottles have already been ordered to support the promotional and training activities of the BIVB for 2024/2025.
19 new producers are being honored for the first time, or return to the Cave de Prestige after more than 7 years, showcasing the ongoing vitality and revitalization of Bourgogne.

Laurent Delaunay, President of the BIVB, welcomed the winners with the following words of congratulation: "Our Cave de Prestige is a reflection of your daily commitment and your willingness to contribute to the collective work of the Bourgogne wine community. Above all, it reflects the diversity, richness and quality of our wines (...) Well done to all of you who have crafted these wines, which are now our ambassadors and will proudly represent Bourgogne in France and around the world."


Download some photos of the event (copyright: BIVB / Antoine Martel)