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Professional access

This area is dedicated to wine professionals including sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine store owners importers and trainers. Welcome to your very own BIVB website where you can find all the tips and tools you need. You will find documentation, photography, training tools and all kinds of other useful information here to facilitate your search. You can also browse our events and training calendar and you are welcome to attend any that appeal. If you require any further information then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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The BIVB photo library

The BIVB photo library

To illustrate your presentations, sales tools and wine lists check out the BIVB photo library!

The BIVB photo library is an interactive tool containing around 8,000 photos and maps, and is also available in English.
The library is easy to navigate to find the images you need. Once you’ve registered, add the required visuals to your basket and place your order. You’ll receive the images in the definition you requested via email.
It is easy to navigate the site through the various themes, including wine tourism, vineyard, food and wine combinations and heritage.
You can access the library by clicking here. (You will need to register in order to browse the library) tt


Check out the BIVB boutique and download section

As a professional market influencer for Bourgogne wines, you not only enjoy preferential rates, but also access to a range of documents that are free to download.
Documentation, maps, technical or decorative posters, aprons, corkscrews, drop-stops, pens and sparkling wine stoppers – all this and more is available from the BIVB boutique. Place your order online or via the BIVB.

Click here to access the online boutique

The “Downloads” area is where you will find all the documents produced by the BIVB, in French and other languages, which are available for download. They include brochures, maps, posters, training tools, logos and advertising campaigns. Everything is organized by language to facilitate your search.

Click here to access the download area


Video: Bourgogne wines - In praise of time and those who respect it

In the Bourgogne region, taking time is a way of life, and a skill that is handed down from generation to generation. Here, time is a key element, an indispensible guarantee of our expertise.
Emotion, authenticity, generosity, and depth – all these words characterize the wines of Bourgogne but they are not easy to illustrate. But in under two minutes, the In praise of time and those who respect it
video will do just that.

For a range of applications including screensavers, homepages and training events, this video will encourage you to take time and share it with the wines of the Bourgogne region.

⇒ Watch the “In praise of time and those who respect it” video:
 In French, by clicking here
In English, see below
 In Japanese, by clicking here


Nuits-Saint-Georges: Fly me to the Moon!

Nuits-Saint-Georges is one of the best-known appellations in the Bourgogne winegrowing region.
Nuits-Saint-Georges covers 41 Premier Cru Climats, including some famous names such as Vaucrains, Pruliers, Cailles and the emblematic Les Saint-Georges, which has given its name to the overall appellation.

Over the years, the character of the wines of the Nuits-Saint-Georges appellation have shaped to reflect its very diverse Climats. Jean-Pierre Renard, wine lover and educator at the École des Vins de Bourgogne in Beaune, explains the reasons for this diversity, map in hand. Film of the map



Some short films about the appellation:
If Nuits-Saint-Georges wines were an animal, a plant, or a star, which animal, plant, or star would they be? Find out how Jérôme Flous, enologist at the Domaine Faiveley, views the Nuits-Saint-Georges appellation through a personality test based on his experience and helped by plenty of personal anecdotes. And one more question: What are his two favorite Climats?
Faiveley reportage

“Complex, bold, and fascinating” – Thibault Liger-Belair, winemaker in Nuits-Saint-Georges, explains why he chooses these three words to describe the Nuits-Saint-Georges appellation. He also shares his tips on how to best enjoy the wines of Nuits-Saint-Georges.

T LIGER BELAIR reportage

Click here for the appellation fact sheet
And don’t hesitate to share these videos during tastings with your customers!




"In praise of time and those who respect it"

Alcohol abuse endangers your health, drink only in moderation
{climat Vignoble Bourgogne Patrimoine Mondial}