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(video) The Bourgogne 2023 vintage: surpassing all expectations!


Harvesting at dawn in Bourgogne in 2023 - Photo: BIVB/Michel Joly

It's been some time since Bourgogne enjoyed two consecutive years with above-average volumes. 2023, coming hot on the heels of 2022, has put a smile on the faces of winegrowers and wine merchants: the cellars are (almost) full again, and the quality is there every time.

That’s the other great thing about this vintage - despite unstable weather conditions over the summer, the end result is stunning. The Chardonnay, Aligoté and Sauvignon grapes reached full maturity in perfect condition, while retaining enough freshness to live up to the reputation of Bourgogne white wines. And Pinot Noir proved, once again, that it is king of the grape varieties. After a rigorous sorting process, facilitated by high yields, some very fine juices were extracted, with a great variety of aromas.

The result is expressive, fruity wines with beautiful aromatic profiles, for both white and red. There's something for all tastes, as this vintage offers a range of profiles linked to the choice of harvest dates. We look forward to exploring the 2023 vintage!

Watch François Labet, President of the Bourgogne Wine Board, talking about the 2023 vintage :

Watch this video with 3 young producers who talk about the year in the vines and cellars: