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USA - 2021 marks the return of Bourgogne wines


Post Trump taxe is a better place for Bourgogne wines

Key 2020 figures for Bourgogne wines in the United States

1st export market for Bourgogne wines in terms of value

2nd largest export market for Bourgogne wines in terms of volume

Exports: 15.8 million bottles (-15.2% / 2019) valued at 175.9 million euros (-22% / 2019). By volume

  • Still white wines: 64 %
  • Still red/rosé wines: 27 %
  • Sparkling wines: 9 %

As of mid-October 2019, Bourgogne wines (excluding Crémant de Bourgogne) suffered from President Trump's decision to impose 25% ad valorem taxes, as part of the Boeing/Airbus dispute. This economic choice was aggravated by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic (closure of restaurants, wine bars, confinement, suspension of air shipments...).

This inevitably led to a drop for Bourgogne wines on the American market in 2020:

  • Down 15.2% by volume / 2019
  • Down 22% by value / 2019

Unsurprisingly, the removal of the 25% tax along with the reopening of restaurants and other wine consumption venues is leading to a sharp rebound in Bourgogne wine exports to the United States during the first 5 months of 2021 (compared to the same period in 2020): Up 34.2% in volume and up 43.8% in value.

  • White wines: Up 38.1% by volume and up 49.7% by value.
  • Red and rosé wines: Up 35.4% by volume and up 41.9% by value.
  • Crémant de Bourgogne: Up 4.3% by volume and up 3.5% by value.

Due to the context of 2020, it is also interesting to note an increase compared to 2019, which was a very good year: + 4.5% in volume and + 0.2% in value / first 5 months of 2019.

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