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United-Kingdom: Bourgogne wine sales continue to grow



Despite being impacted by the first effects of Brexit and a lack of availability, sales of Bourgogne wines continued to grow in the United Kingdom in 2016.
The United Kingdom was the second biggest importer of Bourgogne wines by volume (15% of total volume in 2016), just behind the USA.

After a return to growth in 2015, confirmed by the performance in 2016, the Bourgogne region was impacted by the low harvests of the Chablis appellations in 2016 (down 6.2% by volume over the first ten months 2017). But if we exclude from this results the appellations from Chablis, Bourgogne wines maintained market share by volume (up 7.1% in terms of revenue over the first ten months of 2017), and by revenue (up 22%).

Key figures  for Bourgogne Wines in the UK in 2016

Exports: 15.9 million bottles (up 7.4% on 2015), for revenue of 130.4 million euros (up 11% on 2015), by volume:

- Still white wines: 85%
- Still red/rosés wines: 13%
- Crémant de Bourgogne: 2%

For the first ten months of 2017: 

Exports: 12.04 million bottles (down 6.2% on the same periode in 2016), for revenue of 117.03 million euros (up 11.4% on the same period in 2016)


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