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UK - Bourgogne producers back in town for the “Great Bourgogne reunion”


34 Bourgogne producers and wine merchants will gather in London on June 7

34 negociants/producers will be travelling to London to share their wines on the first day of the London Wine Fair. 

With a varied selection – the AOC wines from Bourgogne are ideally suited to the UK market due to their quality and versatility – and all offering outstanding value for the price bracket range of the wines.

The BIVB will also be hosting a press conference at 2pm on Tuesday 7 June 2022 as part of the event.

With this year’s press conference theme ‘Bourgogne Wines looks to the future’, the BIVB’s Co-President, Laurent Delaunay, will offer an insight into the latest objectives for the wine region, with a particular focus on scientific research to safeguard the potential of Bourgogne’s vineyard in the face of climate change.

The tasting will take place on Tuesday 7 June 2022, from 10am to 6pm on the first floor at London Olympia and will include:

  • Bourgogne’s top selection of exciting and unexpected wines from the region. With a focus on the diversity the AOC wines have to offer – particularly with their good quality / price ratio.
  • An insightful tasting of 10 Chablis Premier Cru Climats - come and explore the diversity of the Chablis Climats - from the right and left bank of the Serein river.
  • An exciting range of Crémant de Bourgogne demonstrating the incredible terroir of the wine region. Available to taste will be wines ideal for the summer months with sparkling rosé wine, but also some insightful examples of the complex vinification style, terroir and ageing process taken to make these top sparkling wines.

For more information on the press conference or to arrange a one-to-one interview with a BIVB spokesperson please contact

About the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB)

The Bourgogne Wine Board is a professional organisation that brings together all winegrowers and wine merchants from the Bourgogne region. Its role is to represent and protect the interests of Bourgogne winemakers and merchants, to define industry policy in technical, economic and marketing terms, and to conduct promotional activities.

Bourgogne is like a 30,000-hectare patchwork, representing just 0.5% of world wine production with an average of almost 200 million bottles annually. No other French region so neatly encapsulates the notion of terroir in such great quality wines. What makes Bourgogne wines stand out from the crowd is the intimate relationship between the soil, the influence of the microclimate, the grape variety, and the work of the winegrower.

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Why we now say Bourgogne and not Burgundy

Historically Bourgogne is the only French appellation, which adopted an alternate identity for export markets with the use of the ‘Burgundy’ for the English-speaking markets, ‘Burgund’ for the German speaking and many other translations according to the country.

Today, nearly all the wines producers here in the region adopt the traditional ‘Bourgogne’ designation –via either appellation designation or wine region labeling. By maintaining this identity, Bourgogne returns to its historical roots as the vineyard treasured by consumers across the globe.