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The first Salon of Aligoté April 23rd by "les Aligoteurs"


The first Salon of Aligoté April 23rd by "les Aligoteurs"

« It is our goal to talk about Aligoté in all its splendor. And also to mix different styles of wine making. Aligoté is a great grape variety. We are all convinced of that. »
Sylvain Pataille, association The Aligoteurs

For several years now, the idea has been growing in our minds, a will to « do something » with our Aligoté wines… But what ? We are glad to introduce our new born association to you. The name is « Les Aligoteurs », contraction of two words « aligoté » and « authors », and refers to the reptile, the alligator which will be our symbol!

For the very first time, we are creating an event on the Aligoté, a great Founding Tasting dedicated to the wine experts and journalists, fond of Aligoté or just curious. On Monday, April 23rd. 2018 in the Restaurant of BoisRouge, Flagey-Echezeaux (Côte-d’Or) we will gather dozens of great winemakers, authors of Aligoté wines in their greatest and finest expression. This very first Symposium has been launched and will be hosted by Philippe Delacourcelle, great author’s wines lover.

We, members of the recent association, warmly want to unite winemakers around a modest Aligoté grape variety; those who consider Aligoté as a noble and historical Burgundian wine, to make a feast of Aligoté and great chef’s food and to spend a great day all together.
Will you join us ?

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