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The Bourgogne Wines Cave de Prestige 2019 a truly excellent selection of winners


The winning winegrowers, wine merchants, and cooperative cellars

The 2019 edition is one of the most select, with just over 12% of the submissions being chosen, making a total of 191 wines. They will be showcased for a one-year period, both in France and abroad, at marketing and training events for market influencers such as wine store owners, sommeliers, restaurateurs and journalists, and also for the general public through the École des Vins de Bourgogne.

Almost every one of the 84 Bourgogne appellations is represented, from Régionale wines to Grand Crus. This recognition underscores the rigorous work of the men and women who bring out the very best of the Bourgogne terroir in some remarkably high-quality wines.

A record number of submissions

This year, 1,528 samples were submitted for tasting, from vintages between 2015 and 2018. This represents a rise of 34% compared to 2018 and is perhaps not surprising given the very fine 2017 vintage from which 64% of submissions hailed. The 2017 vintage was more generous than 2016 for the majority of Bourgogne appellations, and 2018 looks to be more promising still.

Some 137 producers out of 300 submissions were selected for this collection that grows in quality and prestige year on year. Cooperative cellars accounted for 9%, the négoce trade 13%, with estates making up the remaining 78%, a good reflection of the industry.


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