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Bourgogne wines are continuing to satisfy their markets


The 2017 vintage amounted to some 1.509 million hectoliters, a more normal volume of production for the Bourgogne region than in recent years, although certain appellations were still below average.

The arrival on the market after springtime of the first bottles of the 2017 vintage will, in part, compensate for the lack of wine for certain appellations from the 2016 vintage.

The first six months of transactions (August 2017 to end-January 2018) saw strong volumes traded, higher than the average of the 10 last campaigns. That boosted volumes leaving estates, which were down on the last campaign 2016-2017 (a fall of 9% on 2015-2016), but which nonetheless remained higher than the volume of the 2016 harvest.

On the export market, 2017 was a good year (up 0.7% by volume and 10.7% in terms of revenue), since the effects of the 2016 vintage had not yet entirely been felt. Red wines and white AOC Village Premier Cru or Grand Cru wines present on the market were still mainly from 2014 and 2015. White appellations with fast turnover, notably Chablis and Petit-Chablis, did, however, have to deal with a lack of available wine from 2016. The overall stability in volumes is due to this lack of wine.

Bourgogne wines maintained market share in France, where 51% of their sales are made.

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