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The 2024 Vintage in Bourgogne: Flowering Sets the Pace!


Fleur de Pinot Noir - Copyright : BIVB / Jean-Louis BERNUY


2024 is far from being a smooth ride for winegrowers. The almost omnipresent rain has required backbreaking work in the vineyards to control vegetation and mildew. Nevertheless, morale remains high, with flowering progressing relatively well, even though it spans nearly two weeks from the north to the south of Bourgogne.

This spring's weather has been most unusual. The last ten days of April were particularly cool, with several nights of frost. May continued to be cool, despite a brief period of milder weather between May 10 and 13. Afterwards, temperatures fluctuated around normal levels until the end of the month and into early June.

Temperatures began to rise from June 5. This favored the very first flowers observed from this date in early-ripening areas. These areas benefited from seasonal weather, with temperatures slightly above normal, resulting in rapid flowering.

Less early-ripening areas experienced a return to cooler temperatures at the beginning of the second ten days of June, slowing down the flowering process. A sudden rise in temperatures from June 17 onwards enabled flowering to progress well.

Across Bourgogne, the estimated mid-flowering stage is close to those observed in 2019 or 2021. Some are talking about the start of harvest around September 8-10, slightly earlier for Crémant de Bourgogne and early-ripening areas.