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The 2009 vintage - Magnificent Bourgogne!


In 2009, the vines enjoyed ideal conditions throughout their cycle, in particular during their maturation phase, when they were able to bask in the sun. Sunshine and high temperatures were very much in evidence right through August and September, providing a raw material of exceptional quality, as confirmed in the course of production.
The authentic character of these wines, already apparent just a few months after vinification, was confirmed as the wines began to be bottled. The 2009 vintage is living up to expectations!


Chablisien and Auxerrois

Following a rather temperamental blooming period, the harvests extended over almost two weeks, but the excellent climatic conditions assured perfect maturity. Soft and aromatic, these wines have proven to be satisfying and elegant, with good minerality and excellent structure.
For northern Bourgogne, 2009 is set to be a year of stunning successes, and will doubtless be a vintage to be remembered.


With a warm summer and relatively low rainfall, the conditions were perfect for wonderfully mature grapes.
These wines are particularly refined, with impressive aromatic qualities. Well balanced and full-bodied, they are already admirable, and also have superb potential to evolve over the coming years, something which is illustrative of a fine vintage.

Côte Chalonnaise and Côte de Beaune

Like the other vineyards of Bourgogne, Côte de Beaune and Côte Chalonnaise experienced highly favourable weather conditions, bringing ideal Chardonnay maturity.
Intensely aromatic, generous and soft, these wines are impressively full-bodied and remarkably well balanced. 2009 should justifiably be considered a very fine vintage, not only pleasant when young but with unquestionable potential for laying down.


Côte Chalonnaise and Côte de Beaune

A superb vintage which will rank among the finest. Excellent grape maturity has produced balanced, ample, powerful wines, with exquisite fruitiness and exemplary smoothness. Their wonderfully rounded tannins make them particularly pleasant and refined, and give them excellent ageing potential.

Côte de Nuits

Côte de Nuits has produced magnificent wines in 2009, imbued with aromas of red berries, flowers and black fruit. Enjoying good balance and distinctive substance, they are plump and remarkably persistent on the palate, making them an excellent vintage for laying down.


With an early harvest to maintain sufficient acidity and guarantee freshness, the 2009 vintage of Crémants de Bourgogne offers fine structure in the mouth. It contains intense aromatic expression, typical of Bourgogne grape varietals, with notes of citrus and white flowers in the Chardonnays and of red fruit in the Pinots Noirs.
They will be available for the end-of-year celebrations.

This press release presents general characteristics per area. As each wine and each winemaker is unique, each wine must be tasted before it can be characterized.