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The 2008 vintage - A lovely turnaround for Bourgogne wines


2008 tested the nerves of the wine-growers.

It wasn’t until mid-September that the vines were able to take advantage of the return of the fine weather conditions: the sun and the north wind allowed the grapes to reach full maturity before the harvest.

Just like in 2007, the work on the vine and the decision to sacrifice a part of the harvest paid off. The meticulous selection process, and the decision for moderate yields, led to a lower-than-average harvest volume, one of the lowest in the last ten years.

Nine months after the harvest, the wines, although not all bottled, are already asserting a pleasant character. The white wines are powerful, following in the tradition of the great Burgundy classics, while the reds are well structured, with considerable cellar potential.


Chablis and the Grand Auxerrois

The level of maturity at the time of the harvest has resulted in very attractive wines with great balance. The wonderful freshness and minerality underline the great classicism of this vintage which is also characterised by an excellent persistence on the palate.


The 2008 vintage includes everything that makes the Mâconnais wines so charming and well-appreciated: an unrivalled fruit quality, roundedness and quality texture. Perfectly balance, their pleasant, drinkable nature makes them extremely attractive.
A very nice vintage.

Côte Chalonnaise and Côte de Beaune

2008 can already be considered a great vintage
Characterised by notes of mature fruits and citrus, the wines have an unusual aromatic richness. Their mouth, strong and full-bodied, with a pleasant freshness, is a model of its kind.


Côte Chalonnaise and Côte de Beaune

The wonderful intensity of the ruby red colour shows the excellent maturity of the grapes of this vintage.
On the nose, they stand out by their sincerity, their elegance and their aromatic complexity: scents of red fruits are combined with a few spicy notes and pale tobacco.
The palate is both full-bodied and delicate, thanks to the supple tannins. These beautiful wines will be full of surprises.

Côte de Nuits

Just like the wines of the neighbouring Côte de Beaune, the red Côte de Nuits wines are superbly balanced with an exceptional aromatic quality.
Their nose, with an exemplary clarity, contains subtle floral odours, accompanied by very pleasant aromas of kernel fruit and dried fruit.
On the mouth, a supple attack and impressive volume, with harmonious, high-quality tannins. Extremely reliable and with an imposing length, this is a sign of a great vintage with a promising future.


The meteorological conditions were ideal for the production of Crémant de Bourgogne, which is harvested earlier than still wines. In fact, a relatively high level of acidity and a moderate concentration of sugars are necessary to obtain the best from these sparkling wines.

There is no doubt about it, 2008 will be a great vintage for Crémant de Bourgogne.