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The 2006 vintage - Charming Bourgogne Wines


Charming. That is the word that springs to everyone’s lips when talking of the 2006 vintage in Bourgogne. After a year of more than ‘erratic’ weather, the work of the professionals has paid off. 2006 was a demanding vintage requiring unwavering attention, both on the vine and in the fermenting rooms, and if the whites are excellent the reds are astounding.


The Mâconnais

2006 is without any doubt a vintage of great winegrowers and great terroirs. The Maconnais white wines are very expressive and pleasurable, with very aromatic white fruit, pear and peach bouquets set off by elegant floral traces. Their fresh acidity balances a remarkably rounded and suave character. Rich and appetising, they can grace the table and will delight lovers of young fruity wines.

The Chablis and the Yonne vineyards

The 2006 wines display quite exceptional maturity and balance. Most Yonne winegrowers consider this vintage to be a benchmark. Some even hold that it is the best of the last ten years even. The quality of the fruit, the mineral composition, the balance and body – everything is there to ensure that these wines will be at their best within a few years.
2006 will be a vintage to remember, and is absolutely perfect for laying down.

The Côte Chalonnaise and the Côte de Beaune

The fine September weather resulted in perfect maturity while maintaining good acidity levels. The wines have a particularly pleasant and aromatic character, and a bouquet evoking subtle citrus fragrances with fresh fruit and slightly spicy floral traces. A very agreeable rounded character underlies their fresh, sometimes tight palate. They are harmonious and hold well, and will be pleasant to drink young but, given their real potential to age well, will no doubt delight those who know how to be patient (5 to 10 years).


The Côte Chalonnaise and the Côte de Beaune

After a dreary August, September saw return arrival of more clement weather, allowing the Pinot Noir to ripen in good conditions.
The 2006 vintage wines are particularly fruity, with an attractive ruby colour. Very frank and expressive, they release intense flavours of red fruits (including strawberry, raspberry and cherry) and spices, with traces of light tobacco and liquorice. They are well structured on the palate with good acidity providing a pleasant freshness. The good quality tannins are still firm on the finish but will soften quite rapidly.
This is a surprising vintage where the elegance of the Pinot Noir will be expressed in the best possible way.

The Côte de Nuits

2006 will be a vintage year where the Côte de Nuits will claim its rightful place. These wines are straightforward, pure, and exceptionally elegant. Their undeniable aromatic qualities, emphasised by their outstanding fruitiness and surprising complexity means that they will be remembered for years to come: They have a subtle bouquet of small fruits, flowers and spices on the nose, and great precision and genuine body enriched with silky tannins on the palate. They are long holding and truly persistent and will rapidly soften.
A vintage with great classic character, the 2006 Côte de Nuits is chalking up success after success.