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Saint-Vincent Tournante in Ladoix-Serrigny


SVT Ladoix 2025
  • Ladoix plunges into the Water

In the heart of the Rémond cooperage, and in front of 400 guests, they unveiled the poster and the glass, the starting points and essential elements of the event.

The town's Mayor, Jérôme Fol, and Sous-Préfet, Benoît Byrski, reiterated their support and commitment to the winemakers, volunteers and visitors in making this feast a success.

After a brief presentation of the first elements of the event by the various commissions, the guests discovered two Ladoix cuvées (red and white) from the 2022 vintage, produced jointly by the Ladoix winemakers. In all, 10 cuvées will be on offer during the 2025 Saint-Vincent, 7 of which are the result of a collective effort. You'll need a little more patience to discover them...

  •  A poster that is as Wood as gold

Created by Louise Lachaux-Voarick, a designer living in Ladoix, the poster has been the talk of the town ever since it was unveiled!

Chosen from 25 entries in a competition run by the Communication Commission, the poster perfectly illustrates the identity of the village: Saint Vincent, the hero of the feast, is highlighted. All Ladoix-Serrigny's resources are present: water, stone, wood, vines and wines, in keeping with this year's theme. The monuments that make up the village's landscape and heritage take their place alongside other emblems such as the beehives or the Balade Gourmande...

A personal vision, forged by the artist's memories, between tastings and strolls. Lively, colourful, festive, combining tradition and modernity, it perfectly matches the spirit that the Ladoix winemakers wish to give to this Saint-Vincent, a feast that is both popular and centered on wine.

The posters are available for sale, in classic format (40 x 60) at 10 euros, and in "collector" format (50 x 70), numbered and signed by the author at 40 euros.

To view the poster and its presentation by the artist, and the conditions of sale, visit

  • Sublimating Wine

The Caveaux commission, in charge of this indispensable element, i.e. the glass, worked closely with Lehmann to choose this model, with its slender lines, to faithfully reflect the Burgundian terroir, and more particularly the wines of Ladoix.

This universal glass, suitable for both red and white wines, has a wide gob to ensure good oxygenation. It has a narrow rim to guide the aromas and allow you to discover all the finesse of Ladoix wines right from the first nose.

Shortened by just a centimetre compared to the original model for a better grip, it will be the ideal partner for tasting the fine cuvées made by the Ladoix winemakers.

  • The story of the Vine

41 years ago, Ladoix-Serrigny hosted the Saint-Vincent Tournante, with the theme: "Ladoix-Serrigny, at the heart of the Côte des Grands Vins de Bourgogne".

This year's theme, "At the heart of the Côte, the resources of Ladoix-Serrigny", echoes that of 1984. It retains the central notion of the village and appellation, the "heart" of the Côte, and expands on Ladoix-Serrigny's resources: water (the Lauve), stone (the quarries), forest (the Corton Wood overlooking the village), vines and wine (of course!).

Professor Daniel-Paul Lobreau traced the history of these resources and compiled the most delightful anecdotes in a booklet available online or for download (media) at

  • I'm proud to be a partner!

The official partners of the Saint-Vincent Tournante are the lifeblood of the event. The success of this event relies heavily on the participation and generosity of businesses and companies, either large or small.

To thank you for your contribution, your company will be promoted on the various communication media.

  • Would you like to help make this Saint-Vincent an unforgettable event?

The Finance Commission would be delighted to discuss the various possibilities with you.
Further information: or by e-mail:

Press contact:
Valéria NAUDIN - Delphine CAPITAIN

Volunteers: the cornerStone of the event

The success of an event depends on all those "little hands" who work, all year round or for just a few hours, to ensure that the feast runs smoothly. They are invisible, yet essential: decoration, parking, welcoming the Saint-Vincent brotherhoods... Volunteers are working hard to make this an unforgettable event. Recruitment is already underway, and is one of the major concerns of the Volunteers Commission.

Would you like to join us behind the scenes of the Saint-Vincent Tournante?
Register at

For more information, contact the Volunteers Commission