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Norway: a market showing steady growth


Fiche marché Norvège

Key figures for 2018 in Norway

Sales through the VINMONOPOLET

Exports: monopoly 2.74 million bottles (up 7.4% on 2017), for 56 million euros (up 13.8% on 2017, 559 million kroner) by volume

► Still white wines 56%

► Still red/rosé wines 15%

► Crémant de Bourgogne 29% 

VINMONOPOLET handles the bulk of sales of Bourgogne wines in Norway, the remainder mainly going through restaurants. Among the 50 top-selling French references, which account for 56% of the volume of French wine sold through the monopoly, seven were Bourgogne wines (1 Chablis, 1 Petit Chablis, 1 Mâcon Villages, 1 Bourgogne white, and 3 Crémant de Bourgogne wines). 

After a fall in 2015, sales of Bourgogne wines have shown steady growth, and were up 7.4% by volume in 2018, the equivalent of 2.74 million bottles, and up 13.8% in terms of revenue, for 559 million Norwegian kroner.

The Chablis, Petit Chablis and Crémant de Bourgogne appellations remain the main references sold through the monopoly. Only four red wine references appear in the top 25 (three Bourgogne wines and one Coteaux Bourguignons).

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