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Market Update: The Bourgogne wine sector faces many challenges


Market Update : the Bourgogne wine sector faces many challenges

After a record year in terms of revenue in 2021, the economic situation for Bourgogne wines might seem enviable. Nonetheless, some major challenges lie ahead.

• Stocks available at the property, which were impacted by the low 2021 harvest and under pressure from sustained demand, was well below the average for the last five campaigns.

• As a result, transactions in the first six months of the 2021-2022 campaign (advance market) were down 34% compared to transactions for the 2020 vintage (down 24% on the six-month average over the last five campaigns).

• On the export market, Bourgogne wines set a new record in terms of revenue in 2021, generating more than one billion euros in revenue for the third consecutive year (1.32 billion, up 28% over 2020), with the equivalent of 105 million 75cl bottles exported (up 18% over 2020).

• In France, Bourgogne wines continued to grow in the supermarket sector (up 4.3% by volume over 2020) and set a record in terms of revenue (up 8.2% over 2020), despite the overall context being generally negative. Meanwhile, the more traditional distribution circuits returned to favorable levels of activity for Bourgogne wines, with many specialized wine stores having remained open during 2020.

The results for 2022 will depend on the ability of the Bourgogne wine sector to supply its markets and respond to the multiple consumer expectations, not forgetting Covid-19, which comes in waves, and the consequences of the geopolitical situation and its impact on inflation.

Watch Laurent Delaunay discussing the subject on the occasion of the Press Conference during the Grands Jours de Bourgogne (March 2023): 


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