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Market Update After: stability in 2020, expectation of return to growth in 2021


Market Update After: stability in 2020, expectation of return to growth in 2021

Market Update

After stability in 2020, Bourgogne wines expected to return to growth in 2021

After a year that was buffeted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Bourgogne wines are now benefiting from an overall healthy economic situation. This is nonetheless being put to the test with each new set of measures, and 2021 still holds a great deal of uncertainty.

  • Wine stock on estates has been buoyed by the good 2020 harvest, particularly for whites, and is slightly higher than the average over the past five campaigns.
  • Transactions during the first six months of the 2020-2021 campaign were up, driven by the abundant 2020 harvest: Up 29% compared to transactions for the 2019 vintage, and up 19% on the average for the last five campaigns.
  • The volume of Bourgogne wine exported maintained its growth in 2020, exceeding the equivalent of 90 million 75cl bottles (up 0.8% on 2019). Export revenue remained above one billion euros, despite a slight drop of 0.8% on 2019. The outlook for 2021 will depend largely on the measures imposed to halt the spread of Covid-19, along with administrative barriers, especially in the USA. The announcement on 5 March of the suspension of levies for four months pending the resumption of negotiations between the European Union and the Biden administration holds out the prospect of a significant upturn in terms of Bourgogne wine exports.

In France, Bourgogne wines have grown market share in local stores, supermarkets, and click-and-collect. In parallel, the Bourgogne region dominated the offer of white wines available to consumers in e-commerce, which has become a distribution channel with its own trends. A proportion of the sales usually made in restaurants seems to have shifted to specialist wine stores, but the reopening of restaurants is seen as key to ensure a full recovery of the French market.


The complete economic report of the Markets and Development department of the BIVB can be downloaded below. 


Watch François Labet, President of the BIVB, explaining those figures during the March 16 Press conference:



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