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The official Bourgogne wines websites
The official Bourgogne wines websites

Bourgogne Wines Direct

Your monthly update on Bourgogne wines

N°199 / June 2016

Economic updates

 Mainland China, the 12th biggest export market for Bourgogne wines ©BIVB/M. JOLY
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Mainland China: Bourgogne wines increase sales thanks to white wines

As a wine market, China is maturing year on year. Despite being dominated by French wine, it is also open to wines from other countries, and is the world’s fifth biggest importer. It is currently the 12th biggest export market for Bourgogne wines in terms of revenue.
 Bourgogne wines prosper thanks to the Japanese manga series “The Drops of God” ©BIVB/DR
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South Korea: Bourgogne wines gain market share

South Korea is a relatively new market for wine, and until 2007, had been enjoying a real boom in wine drinking, thanks to the publication of the manga series “The Drops of God”. Bourgogne wines featured widely in the first volumes, and as such, have won a sustained client base. 
Hong Kong: A market that is open to China and Southeast Asia, where wine is a flagship product ©BIVB/DR
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Hong Kong: Top end Bourgogne wines win back market share

Hong Kong is a mature market for wine. It is dominated by French wines, and is now the 5th biggest export market in terms of revenue for Bourgogne wines. 

At your service

The Cave de Prestige 2016 award ceremony ©BIVB IMAGE & ASSOCIES
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Discover the winners of the Bourgogne Wines Cave de Prestige 2016!

The Cave de Prestige is a showcase of 197 wines selected through a blind tasting, a selection of which will be traveling around the world throughout the year as part of different activities run by the BIVB. Another batch will be also featured at the Cité des Vins in Bordeaux.
The Chablis winegrowing region as you’ve never seen it before!  ©BIVB/A. IBANEZ
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Chablis stars in the Best Professional Wine Film at the Oenovidéo Festival 2016

“The Chablis Winegrowing Region Seen From the Sky”, a film made in November 2015 by the BIVB, won the award for Best Professional Wine Film at the 23rd edition of the annual international Oenovidéo Festival on 29 May.
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Some dates for your diary…

…so you don’t miss out on your next rendezvous with Bourgogne wines and their representatives. 

News from the wine region

 Thomas Nicolet takes over the reins at the CAVB ©CAVB
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Thomas Nicolet is appointed the new director of the Confédération des Appellations et Vignerons de Bourgogne (CAVB)

Thomas Nicolet takes over from Séverin Barioz as head of the CAVB. After eight years at the helm, Barioz is leaving the structure and taking a new professional direction.
 It’s one year since the Bourgogne winegrowing region was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in Bonn ©BIVB/DR
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UNESCO World Heritage: Get down to Savigny-lès-Beaune to celebrate the first anniversary of the inclusion of the Climats of the Bourgogne winegrowing region on the UNESCO World Heritage List!

The second edition of the “Paulée des Climats” will be hosted on 4 July at the Château de Savigny-lès-Beaune to celebrate the first anniversary of Climats of the Bourgogne winegrowing region becoming part of UNESCO’S World Heritage List. 

Winemakers and Maisons

Hubert Gaillard, the new Sales Director, with owner Philippe Chautard. ©Louis Picamelot
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Louis Picamelot appoints a new sales director

Hubert Gaillard, the former head sommelier at the Michelin-starred Lameloise restaurant, has joined Louis Picamelot, the Crémant de Bourgogne producer based in Rully.
Bouchard Aîné & Fils -  a Beaune institution - ©Maison Bouchard Aîné & Fils
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Beaune wine house Bouchard Aîné & Fils partners with the Mosaïques exhibition

For the city of Beaune, June marks the official opening of the Mosaïques exhibition, which offers an open-air visual discovery of those trades that make up the world of vines and wine. Bouchard Aîné & Fils is partnering the event, which runs until 27 November. 
 A winemaking estate in the heart of Chablis where history and terroir rhyme with happiness and relaxation ©BIVB/A. IBANEZ
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Summer in the Bourgogne winegrowing region and a pop-up wine bar at the Château de Béru

As every summer, the pop-up wine bar at the Château de Béru, just 10 minutes from Chablis, will be opening its doors every weekend in July and August. 
 Harvest time at the Château de Pommard ©BIVB/DR
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The Château de Pommard restores the Clos Marey-Monge name

The Château de Pommard, proud of its winegrowing heritage, is delighted to reappropriate the Clos Marey-Monge name, and to begin its conversion to biodynamic cultivation.
Alcohol abuse endangers your health, drink only in moderation
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