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The official Bourgogne wines websites
The official Bourgogne wines websites

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Your monthly update on Bourgogne wines

N°194 / December 2015

Nature smiled on the winemakers of the Bourgogne wine region in 2015 ©BIVB/A. IBANEZ

The 2015 vintage for Bourgogne wines: Simply sublime!

Perfect! That is the only word for the grapes picked in 2015. They were in impeccable condition, and at optimal ripeness, making for an unbeatable combination. The resultant wines have wonderful balance which brings out the fantastic aromatic depth of the vintage. The upbeat mood that prevailed during the harvests was transformed into full-blown delight during the vinification process and on the first tastings. The qualitative consistency and outstanding concentration observed from north to south promises a legendary vintage.

This optimism was confirmed at the Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction on the third Sunday in November. The sale raised a record total of 11,347,609 euros for 575 pièces (228-liter barrels) of white and red wine. Although this charity auction does not reflect the true price the wine will fetch on the open market, it nonetheless provides an indication.

To share the experience of this vintage with those who shepherded it from the vine to the winery, the BIVB has produced a video in which three winemakers (Brunot Verret, Véronique Drouhin and Christophe Cordier) recap the highlights of this remarkable vintage.


At your service

Follow the feed about Bourgogne 2014 vintage tasting events in London: #BourgogneWeek © BIVB/DR
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UK: The 2014 vintage on show during Bourgogne Week in London

In January 2016, the Bourgogne wine industry has a date with market influencers and wine lovers in London to present the highly anticipated 2014 vintage. The BIVB is coordinating the promotion of numerous events to give them maximum visibility.
Chablis seen from above... the Climats in all their glory. © BIVB/A. IBANEZ
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Chablis from the air: Take to the skies with this exclusive video

The BIVB’s Chablis arm invites you to discover the contours of the wine region and its Climats from a different perspective with this film shot from the skies. 
Journalists wishing to discover the welcome the Bourgogne region has in store should contact us. © BIVB/DR
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Some dates for your diary

Don’t miss any dates with Bourgogne wines and their representatives. 

Economic updates

There are Bourgogne wines to suit all tastes and for every occasion. © BIVB/IMAGE & ASSOCIES
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Figure of the month: 100…

…Which is the number of appellations in the Bourgogne wine region. Despite its small size, accounting for 4% of the total area under vine in France, the Bourgogne region holds the record for the number of wines classified as AOC, with 100 appellations, making up 22% of all French AOCs. The history and particular structure of the Bourgogne wine region has created this diversity.
The 2014 vintage should help regain market share in certain export destinations ©BIVB/IMAGE & ASSOCIES
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Bourgogne Wine Sales: Prices buoyant awaiting the return of greater volumes

The 2014 vintage provided generous yields with good quality and is now the core of activity in the advance trade market. While we wait for it to fully come to market, sales for export and to the French market are still down, due to a lack of volume. 

News from the wine region

Experience the legendary Bourgogne hospitality in Irancy with this unforgettable event! ©BIVB/M. G. STAVELOT
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Irancy to host the 72nd Saint-Vincent Tournante de Bourgogne in January

This is a first for Irancy and the Auxerrois winegrowing region, which will be welcoming the Saint-Vincent Tournante de Bourgogne on 30 and 31 January 2016!
Irancy, Saint-Bris, Bourgogne Tonnerre, Bourgogne Chitry... Just some of the gems of the Grand Auxerrois region ©BIVB/A. IBANEZ
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A worthy list of winners at the 25th Grand Auxerrois wine competition

We take a look at the winners of the 25th Grand Auxerrois wine competition, selected by a jury of 65 who tasted and rated some 145 entries. 
The young winemakers of today will be the stars of the Bourgogne winegrowing region tomorrow ©BIVB/DR
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The Bourgogne region’s Group of Young Vine Professionals recognizes its Young Talents

On Friday 13 November, a jury of 120 wine professionals judged the 74 participants in this, the 27th edition. Entrants must be under 40 or else have been running their own establishment for fewer than five years.
Guillaume d'Angerville takes over from Aubert de Villaine to lead the Climats of the Bourgogne winegrowing region into the future. @Association des Climats
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A new president for the Association of the Climats of the Bourgogne Winegrowing Region

The Association of the Climats of the Bourgogne Winegrowing Region adopted several changes during its General Assembly on 26 November, to reflect its recent inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Alcohol abuse endangers your health, drink only in moderation
{climat Vignoble Bourgogne Patrimoine Mondial}