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The official Bourgogne wines websites
The official Bourgogne wines websites

Bourgogne Wines Direct

Your monthly update on Bourgogne wines

N°183 / May 2014


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Take a stroll through the vines, glass in hand  ©BIVB/ARMELLEPHOTOGRAPHE.COM
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New for the summer: A stroll in the vines with the wines of Bourgogne

The wines of Bourgogne invite you back to school in July and August.
More and more Asian wine lovers enjoy the diversity of Bourgogne wines ©BIVB/DR
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Second quarter 2014: the Bourgogne region heads for Asia

Bourgogne wines have a tradition of strong exports, and their presence on Asian markets has been growing over recent years. From May to July, several events will be hosted in Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.
A well-ordered cellar makes tasting easier ©BIVB/A. IBANEZ
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The Online Cellar: a free service on the Bourgogne Wines website

NEW: The Online Cellar is now available in English!
Create your own online cellar and enjoy this simple, individual tool. Whether you’re a newcomer, a life-long wine lover or a confirmed collector, this service is for anyone interested in wine in general and Bourgogne wines in particular. 

Economic updates

Low yields but high-quality vintages in Bourgogne ©BIVB/S. NARBEBURU
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France and exports: low stocks of Bourgogne wines leading to non-speculative price increases

After three successive low-yielding harvests, stocks of Bourgogne wines are now low. And this lack of supply can be seen in both advance trade deals and retail sales in France and abroad. 
London remains a key market for Bourgogne wines ©BIVB/DR
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A changing place for Bourgogne wines in the UK

For many years the main importer for Bourgogne wines in terms of volume, the UK slipped into second place behind the USA in 2011, where it has remained ever since. The market may be struggling to grow again but a demand for higher-priced wines seems to be emerging on premium circuits.
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Bourgogne wines in figures (May 2014)

Each month, we bring together the key figures for Bourgogne wines.

Food for thought!

A simple recipe as an introduction to Coteaux Bourguignons ©BIVB/IMAGE
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Recipe of the month: Stir-fried chicken breasts with crunchy vegetables and soy sauce

Bourgogne wines include a wide range of appellations that enable an infinite choice of food and wine combinations. There’s no need to wait for a special moment to open a Bourgogne wine and no need for a complex recipe either. To get started, why not try out this month’s recipe?

Winemakers and Maisons

A lively Petit Chablis with a fascinating history ©BIVB/DR
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A Petit Chablis produced from a “Franc de Pied” vine

“Franc de Pied” refers to those vines that are not grafted onto American rootstock, which were almost completely wiped out during the phylloxera epidemic in the late 19th century. However, the Chablis brand L&C Poitout is now launching a Petit Chablis cuvée called L’Inextinct, which tells another story altogether!

News from the wine region

Building a dry-stone wall means preserving an entire ecosystem ©BIVB/DR
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“Paysage de Corton” – a Bourgogne site at the heart of sustainable development

For 2,000 years, the Bourgogne landscape has been structured around vines and villages. The “Paysage de Corton” area aims to preserve the authenticity of these landscapes through an approach to the landscape that seeks integrity, vitality and diversity of terroir, high-quality ecosystems and environmental biodiversity.
Marsannay, an AOC on extremely diverse soil and subsoil ©BIVB/DR
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The winegrowers of Marsannay are studying their terroir

Marsannay, an AOC in the north of the Côte de Nuits, has made a request to modify the classification of some of its plots. The winegrowers are taking advantage of this to deepen their understanding of the appellation’s terroir.
A website specially dedicated to the fight against Flavescence Dorée ©BIVB/DR
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The 2014 action plan against Flavescence Dorée takes the experience of 2013 into account

Following a first action plan in 2013, the Bourgogne wine industry was clear and unanimous – we had to modify our strategy to ensure that in 2014, the amount of pesticides used would be reduced. 
Alcohol abuse endangers your health, drink only in moderation
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