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The official Bourgogne wines websites
The official Bourgogne wines websites

Bourgogne Wines Direct

Your monthly update on Bourgogne wines

N°182 / April 2014

Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne 2014 – a roaring success ©BIVB/IBANEZ A.

Welcome to the new press newsletter from the BIVB

En Direct has had a facelift to make it more clear, concise and readable.

A flexible format means the site is always optimized for your device, whether computer, tablet or smartphone.

To ensure you are always up to speed with the latest from the world of Bourgogne wines, we have also upgraded all the information in the “PRESS” section of the website.

In this new section, you will find:
- The press events calendar
- The latest press releases from the BIVB, about the Bourgogne wine industry and its winegrowers
- Archives of press releases about each vintage
- Financial information
- The latest press kits about the wines of Bourgogne
- The Photothèque containing maps and photos of the winegrowing area. All images are rights-free; you just need to sign up once to help yourself.

Don’t miss a thing!
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We hope you will find these new formats useful.

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Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne 2014 – a roaring success

The 2014 edition of Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne, an event held every two years, attracted a large audience of industry professionals and journalists from around the world.
An enticing site to discover the wines of Bourgogne
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A new look for the Bourgogne wines website

The Bourgogne wines website has a new look and welcomes you to explore the world of Bourgogne wines.
The Climats, the cultural exception of the wines of Bourgogne ©BIVB/DR
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A book about Chablis to savor: Par mots et par vaux

A beautiful book published by the BIVB exploring everything you need to know about the Climats of Chablis.
Pascal Loridon joins the BIVB team ©BIVB/DR
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Pascal Loridon: the new Head of Marketing and Communication at the BIVB

Pascal Loridon, who joined the BIVB on 3 March 2014 as Head of Marketing and Communication, has a wealth of experience in the world of wine.

Economic updates

Small volumes but high quality help the financial situation of Bourgogne wines ©BIVB/ARMELLEPHOTOGRAPHE.COM
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The market for Bourgogne wines: a look back at 2013

In 2013, the Bourgogne winegrowing region compensated somewhat for its low stocks, thanks to the high quality of wines produced.
The USA: the leading market for Bourgogne wines in terms of value ©BIVB/DR
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USA: The market is still growing despite the strong euro

The USA is the biggest importer of Bourgogne wines in terms of value, and the American market continued to grow in 2013, despite the weak dollar.
Canada: the fourth biggest importer of Bourgogne wines in terms of value ©BIVB/DR
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Canada: a growing market, with the focus on Quebec

Canada is one of the five leading export markets for Bourgogne wines.
The Bourgogne region in a few figures ©BIVB/IBANEZ A.
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Bourgogne wines in figures (April 2014)

Each month, we bring together the key figures for Bourgogne wines.

Food for thought!

Delicious and easy recipes that are perfect partners for Bourgogne wines ©BIVB/IMAGE & ASSOCIES
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Recipe of the month: Turbot à la Normande

The delicate wines of Bourgogne are perfect dinner companions. Far from dominating your dishes, they underscore and enhance them. Try our combination of the month.

News from the wine region

Early buds and the first stage of leaf development before 10 April ©BIVB/MUZARD J.P.
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The 2014 vintage: early budbreak in the Bourgogne region

No two years are alike. 2014 is starting in sunshine and mild temperatures. The vines reflect these weather conditions and are 10 days ahead of the 10-year average. 
A team of researchers at Bouchard Père et Fils near Beaune ©BIVB/DR
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Medieval vines in Savigny-lès-Beaune

Professor Jean-Pierre Garcia from the University of Bourgogne may have discovered the traces of some very old vines near Beaune.
Frédéric Drouhin, President of the négociants of the Bourgogne winegrowing region ©JOSEPH DROUHIN
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A new President for Bourgogne’s négociants

The Union des Maisons de Vins de Bourgogne held their AGM on 11 April 2014, and elected Frédéric Drouhin as the institution’s new President.
Mâcon – a beautiful appellation from the south of the Bourgogne winegrowing region ©BIVB/DR
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In May, check out the Mâcon Wine Note event

The third edition of the Mâcon Wine Note will be held in Mâcon on 23 and 24 May.
Alcohol abuse endangers your health, drink only in moderation
{climat Vignoble Bourgogne Patrimoine Mondial}