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Le Baiser by Rodin: when art steps into the heart of domaine Faiveley


Le Baiser by Rodin: when art steps into the heart of domaine Faiveley

On Tuesday 12 April 2022, domaine Faiveley had the honour of welcoming a very prestigious guest into the heart of its historical winery in Nuits-Saint-Georges. The prestigious guest in question is none other than Le Baiser* by Auguste Rodin. This project began taking shape in 2021 when the Faiveley family met with the Rodin Museum.

Our family is incredibly lucky to have known Auguste Rodin very early on thanks to Maurice Fenaille, the uncle of our great-grandmother Marthe. It is in memory of this close bond between our family and Auguste Rodin, and as a tribute to the great artist himself, that we chose to make this acquisition’ explains Erwan Faiveley. Maurice Fenaille was a pioneer in the petroleum industry and his name is also intrinsically linked with the world of art owing to his status as art lover, art collector and great patron of the arts. He met Auguste Rodin in 1885 and soon took on the role of patron by commissioning several of his works of art.

Le Baiser has been given pride of place on the patio of the domaine’s winery and serves as the finishing touch to the extensive renovation works carried out between 2016 and 2018 on the vat house.

It is a great pleasure and honour to have been entrusted by the Rodin Museum, and in particular by its Director Madame Amélie Simier, with the guardianship of this major artwork by Auguste Rodin.’ Erwan Faiveley

*Le Baiser : The Kiss

In detail

In 1898 sculptor Auguste Rodin exhibited Le Baiser for the very first time at the National Society of Fine Arts. This imposing statue was carved from bright white marble and was commissioned by the State ten years earlier. The embracing couple in Le Baiser was initially intended to be on a smaller scale as part of a monumental gateway (the ‘Porte de l’Enfer’) commissioned by the French government for the decorative arts museum which would never see the light of day.

The majestic lovers are idealised, embracing each other in what appears to be a game of seduction and tenderness. They are void of any accessories and without any clothes that could place them within in a particular era or space. Simply two bodies intertwined: the athletic body of the beautiful Ephebe and that of graceful young woman. The characters are inspired by the eternally damned lovers of Dante, Paolo and Francesca.

The Baiser statue, large model, exhibited at domaine Faiveley is an original bronze edition (IV/IV) measuring 181 cm in height, 112 cm in width and 117 cm in length.


During the Mois des Climats - Month of the ‘Climats’ (3 June to 17 July 2022), the Faiveley family will offer an exclusive viewing of Le Baiser by Auguste Rodin. To mark this important occasion, it will be opening the patio of its historical vat house, in the heart of Nuits-Saint-Georges (38 rue du Tribourg), to the public in order to give visitors the chance to admire this unique masterpiece.

From Tuesday to Saturday : 10am - 12:30pm / 13:30pm - 18pm

Domaine Faiveley
8 rue du Tribourg - 21 700 Nuits-Saint-Georges
Tél. +33 (0)3 80 61 04 55

Contact : Eve Faiveley -


Domaine Faiveley was founded in 1825 in Nuits-Saint-Georges and currently owns over 120 hectares of vines in outstanding terroirs including 12 Grands Crus and 25 Premiers Crus in the Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune and Côte chalonnaise. Eve Faiveley and Erwan Faiveley, the 7th generation, are committed to revealing the finest Burgundian terroirs through wines that are characterised by their strength, finesse and elegance.

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