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Japan: Bourgogne wines return to growth in 2021


Japan: Bourgogne wines return to growth in 2021

Key figures for 2021 for Bourgogne wines in Japan
3rd biggest market in terms of revenue for Bourgogne wines
5th biggest market by volume for Bourgogne wines

Exports: 8 million bottles (up 10.2% on 2020) for 120 million euros (up 8.1% on 2020)

By volume:

  • White wine:  55%
  • Red wine/rosé: 41%
  • Crémant de Bourgogne: 4%

In 2021, Bourgogne wines accounted for 17% of the volume of French AOC wines exported to Japan, for 25% of the revenue in this category.

Following the free trade agreement signed in 2018, French wines enjoyed record sales from 2019 onwards. The pandemic in 2020 marked a pause in exports, but 2021 saw a return to the record revenues of 2019, mainly thanks to three winegrowing regions, namely Champagne, Bordeaux, and Bourgogne, which together account for 77% of French wine exports in terms of revenue.

However, Bourgogne is the only one to have increased its record revenue, with 120.6 million euros. Although the wines exported are mainly Bourgogne and Chablis AOCs, a growing demand for top-of-the-range wines should see Bourgogne wine exports expand further. The growing interest in wine in Japan and the growth of this market, driven by women and city-dwelling young people, is encouraging optimism.

Bourgogne wines have long enjoyed an aura in Japan, a country whose culture, tastes, and values fit well with them. Those in the Bourgogne wine trade are nonetheless seeing a generational shift with more and more customers under the age of 50 for more affordable and lesser-known Régionale and Village AOCs.

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