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Famille Piffaut Vins et Domaines and Gabriel Boudier



The Piffaut Family, one of the leading vineyard owners in Burgundy with some 280hectares, and François and Yves Battault, owners of Maison Gabriel Boudier,producers of Crème de Cassis de Dijon and a range of premium spirits, have decidedto combine their expertise to form one of the major wines and spirits groups in Burgundy.

  • Famille Piffaut Vins & Domaines (FPVD) incorporates Veuve Ambal, thereference in AOC Crémant de Bourgogne, Prosper Maufoux, makers of fineBurgundy Wines at Château de Saint-Aubin, the Maison André Delorme,specialist in terroir Crémant de Bourgogne at Rully, and Rivarose, leader ofsparkling wine in Provence.
  • Maison Gabriel BOUDIER is one of the last independent family-run businessesproducing fruit liqueurs, in particular Crème de Cassis de Dijon. The companyhas also developed a strong presence around the world with its premiumspirits, under its own brand or in bespoke services for those who seekspecialist expertise.


François and Yves Battault will become shareholders in FPVD and will sit on the newgroup’s Supervisory Board, chaired by Eric Piffaut. As joint General Managers ofGabriel Boudier, they will oversee its harmonious integration within the group.

François Battault affirms: “Since 1874, we have been ardent ambassadors of Dijonand Burgundy in terms of image and quality, all around the world. Our two flagshipproducts complement each other perfectly and will continue to fly the colours ofthe region.”

Aurélien Piffaut, President of the FPVD Board of Directors, will become President of Maison Gabriel Boudier and will rapidly assume his functions supported by Claire Battault, the 4th generation of the family, along with the current management team, who have been instrumental in the development of the company in recent years.

For Aurélien Piffaut: “The capacity of creation and innovation shared between our two companies combined will enable us to better anticipate and adapt to constant evolutions in the market. Our commercial departments will allow us to explore promising new opportunities for development even more effectively.”

The consolidation of a regional offer focused on the Wines, Crémants and Spirits of Burgundy will strengthen the reach of the Group both in France and internationally, thanks to the particularly dynamic image of this region in terms of premium wines and spirits.

Attaining the significant size exceeding 100M€ allows to construct a real alternative in certain niche markets, and to compete against important players in the sector.


The two families are convinced of the strength of the commercial and marketing synergies between the worlds of fine Burgundy Wines and Crémants, Fruit Liqueurs and premium Spirits. Significant operational cooperation can be achieved for the benefit of all the partners in this project.

Yves Battault declares: “This joining of forces of our extremely complementary companies is the fruit of many long years of friendly collaboration between the two families.”

The owners and management of the two groups welcome this operation that maintains the independence and family approach within the new entity, encouraging transmission down the generations, whilst offering it the necessary resources for strong development.

Eric Piffaut concludes: “Our two Maisons have been enthusiastic ambassadors for Burgundy and its products for almost 200 years. This new fusion is the common pursuit of two great entrepreneurial adventures.”

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