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Financial information

Exports of Bourgogne wines boomed during the first four months of 2021


After not so bad results in 2020, Bourgogne wines face a wonderful year in 2021!

Exports by volume were up an impressive 23.7% by volume compared to the same period in 2020, equivalent to some six million additional bottles, for revenue up 32.2% to €91 million.


Among the top 15 export markets for Bourgogne wines, only Japan and Sweden saw a decline in exports during the period. However, both these markets showed strong growth in the first four months of 2020 compared to 2019.

  • The announcement of a temporary suspension of the 25% ad valorem tax on still wines to the USA has given a much-needed boost to Stateside exports, coupled with a return to normal life as the impact of the pandemic has lessened. Exports to America were up 16.6% by volume and 18.6% by revenue in the first four months of 2021 compared to the previous year. With the ad valorem tax set to be suspended until 2026, a sustainable return to previous export levels looks promising.
  • The postponement of import formalities for French wines shipping to the UK along with the reopening of restaurants and bars is boosting export figures, up 7.9% by volume and 38.6% in terms of revenue.
  • The economic recovery in China is making itself felt with a hike of 146.5% by volume and 157% in terms of revenue, after a big slump in exports of Bourgogne wines to China in 2020. China has enjoyed one of its best starts in five years.
  • Hong Kong is also booming after a rather morose 2020, with exports up 83.1% by volume and 58.4% in terms of revenue.

A large majority of Bourgogne AOCs are benefitting from export markets once again allowing alcohol consumption outside the home:

  • White wines were up 20.4% by volume and 23.7% in terms of revenue
  • Red wines were doing even better, up 39.1% by volume and 44.7% in terms of revenue
  • Crémant de Bourgogne wines also enjoyed a boost, up 4.5% by volume and 1.9% in terms of revenue

Bourgogne’s winemakers and négociants are delighted by this dynamism and loyalty of their traditional markets. Now, they are simply waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted so they can go out and meet buyers and consumers around the world and return to the conviviality and pleasure such connections always offer.

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