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Excitement within Saint-Véran AOC as it prepares for the St-Vincent Tournante


Saint-Vincent at the heart of Burgundy


Wine producers and volunteers are getting behind this great Saint-Vincent de Bourgogne event
Our wine growers, winemakers and volunteers are committed to making the event a huge success. They have been busy at work creating the village decorations, which are based on the appellation’s brand colours (blue, yellow, orange, green and white) and three themes: the history of the appellation, repurposing (representing our commitment to sustainable development) and plants/nature.


Online reservation of tasting kits

The Saint-Véran AOC has set up an online reservation system for the purchase of the tasting kit. The Saint-Vincent Tournante PASS can now be pre-booked through the online ticketing service on the following website: In order to collect their tasting kits, visitors need only to print off the electronic ticket and present it at one of the entrance gates to the event. The €15 entry price includes a glass, glass holder, 8 tasting tickets and the official programme.

Alcohol abuse endangers your health, drink only in moderation
{climat Vignoble Bourgogne Patrimoine Mondial}