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Rewards for the Vignerons des Terres Secrètes & Nuiton-Beaunoy


Rewards for the Vignerons des Terres Secrètes & Nuiton-Beaunoy

For the third cuvée of the Millesime competition, more than 30 actors from the wine, champagne, spirits, beer and cider sector tried their luck by submitting their project to the jury of professionals in the hope of being among the 6 finalists. A strong mobilization, which once again demonstrated the sector's commitment to the environment with trends that break the codes while meeting consumer expectations.

The public vote (representing 40% of the final score) ended up deciding between the finalist projects around a frantic race generating more than 3,000 votes : a record for this edition which confirms the growing mobilization of citizens and their desire to see companies act to reduce their impact on the environment. To continue to shed ever more light on the sector's eco-design projects, the two winners were offered a media visibility pack worth 10,000 euros.

The companies :

The Vignerons des Terres Secrètes and Nuiton-Beaunoy are grouped within the Union des Vignerons Associés des Monts de Bourgogne. The two cellars carry the values of cooperation: the concern of women and men invested in their work and the consideration of economic performance while preserving the environment.

The project :

A visit to a printing plant allowed employees to become aware of the waste generated by hot foil stamping. This observation led the teams to work to reduce the environmental impact of their wine production and packaging. A working group of 25 employees worked for more than 24 months on the various elements of the packaging (bottle, cap, label, carton, capsule) on the basis of the 5Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Recycle, Rot.

In February 2022, Cerço was launched: the cooperative's first range of organic conversion wines, eco-designed and collaborative.

The key points :

  • A global container-content approach: significant reduction in environmental impact thanks to the use of lighter bottles and the removal of the cap, with in parallel work on organic viticulture
  • Strong employee involvement in the various pillars of sustainable development
  • Multi-channel distribution and animation of eco-design workshops demonstrate a desire to share good practices, both in terms of results and approach
  • Partnership approach with local suppliers
  • Significant sales potential
  • Vignerons Engagés (Sustainable Winegrowing) label since 2013 (1st cellar in Burgundy) and 2021 winning project of the Verallia Fund for resilient viticulture

Union des Vignerons Associés des Monts de Bourgogne
95 route de Pommard 21200 BEAUNE


Adelphe has a mission : to reduce the environmental impact of company packaging. A non-profit company, subsidiary of Citeo, it supports and advises players in the recycling chain so that packaging is better designed by companies, properly sorted by the French and easily recycled. More than 9,500 companies are members of Adelphe and invest nearly 60 million euros each year to make this model circular.

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