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Nuiton-Beaunoy unveils its new identity and its new skins


Nuiton-Beaunoy unveils its new identity and its new skins

The Album Communication agency (Mâcon) was tasked with redefining the visual communication of the brand.

The visual of the communication media is centered on the representation of the Climats of Burgundy and reaffirms the membership of Nuiton-Beaunoy in the great tradition of wine-growing Burgundy. On the other hand, the Porte Nuiton-Beaunoy refers to the notion of welcome and accessibility of the house wines.

The graphic creations of the packaging for each appellation range (regional Burgundy AOC, Burgundy regional AOC "climates and localities", villages AOC, villages 1er Cru AOC, Grand Cru AOC and Gevrey- Chambertin 1er Cru Clos du Chapitre) were entrusted to the agency Médiane Création (Paris).

Cap, collar and brand block display more purity, elegance, a touch of color, as well as a sophisticated material for certain appellations.

It also proposed a new, more streamlined logo with a signature that reaffirms the values of producers and local anchoring.


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Today, Nuiton-Beaunoy federates 80 families of winegrowers associated with the Côtes and Hautes- Côtes, which represents a little less than 400 hectares of vines. Thanks to its winegrowers, who cultivate their vines in numerous climates of the Côte d'Or, Nuiton-Beaunoy has almost infinite expressions of pinot noir and chardonnay.

At the origin of these wines, the cultivation of the vine is the fruit of a close collaboration between the winegrowers and the technicians of the cellar who share the passion of the vine and the wine. Here, the work of the soil, the grassing, the more than reasoned fight in the respect of the vine, of the environment but also of the men are valued.

Guided by an intimate knowledge of the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits and Beaune, Nuiton-Beaunoy has created a collection of "lieux-dits" with a singular expression. These places where the vine and nature maintain a remarkable relationship are called Les Dames Huguettes, Le Prieuré, Les Millotes, En Pain Perdu, La Perrière, En Vallerot... Vines whose grapes, once harvested, will give birth to wines expressing all the particularity of their climats of origin.

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