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Hong Kong: A new record for revenue


Hong Kong: A new record for revenue

Key 2020 figures for Bourgogne wines in Hong Kong

  • 4th biggest market for Bourgogne wines in terms of revenue
  • 13th biggest market for Bourgogne wines by volume

Exports: 1.16 million bottles (down 0.5% over 2019) for €67.9 million (up 1.7% over 2019)
Of which, by volume,

► Still white wines: 49.6%
► Still red wines: 49.8%
► Crémant de Bourgogne: 0.6%

In 2020, Bourgogne wines accounted for 10% of volumes of all French AOCs exported to Hong Kong, and 16% of revenue.

The Hong Kong market is a mature one, and in 2020, was the world’s ninth biggest importer of still wines in terms of revenue. French wines accounted for 62% of Hong Kong’s import turnover. During this period, exports to Hong Kong slumped by 8.8% (47 million bottles), with revenue also diving 17.6% (€780.9 million). The political situation and health context had a strong impact on the wine market there.

Despite this, Bourgogne wines still showed strong performance, with a new record in terms of revenue (€67.9 million) and volumes almost stable compared to 2019 at 1.16 million bottles.


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