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Mainland China: Bourgogne wines return to growth after stagnating in 2018


Key figures in 2019 for Bourgogne wines in China

10th biggest market for Bourgogne wines (in terms of revenue and volume)

Exports: 2 million bottles (up 24.4% on 2018), for 28.8 million euros (up 22.7% on 2018) by volume

  • Still white wines: 21.2%
  • Still red/rosé wines: 78.4%
  • Crémant de Bourgogne: 0.4%

In 2019, Bourgogne wines accounted for 3% of the volume of French AOC wines exported to China, for 7% of total revenue.

Every year, China is becoming a more mature market for wine. In 2019, it was the world’s fifth biggest wine importer, with 6.13 million hectoliters (down 11% on 2018), worth 2.18 billion euros (down 10% on 2018). Over this period, French wines moved into second place. This contraction in imports was notably due to the development of Chinese wine production, aimed at increasing local consumption.

Bourgogne wines set fresh revenue record

Exports of Bourgogne wines enjoyed strong growth in revenue (up 22.7% on 2018), beating the record set in 2018. This record applied to both red and white.

Volumes exported returned to growth (up 24.4%), having dipped in 2018, totaling the equivalent of 2 million 75cl bottles. Meanwhile, volumes exported easily beat the record set in 2017, and were up 11.2% on that year.

This performance was solely driven by red wines, which surged 36% on 2018. White wine exports fell by 5%. Régionale Bourgogne red appellations played a key role in this growth (up 45.3%). Paradoxically, it was the Régionale appellations (Bourgogne and Mâcon) which dragged down the figures for white wines (down 16.4% on 2018).

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