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Bourgogne wines commit to reducing use of products for pest & disease control



This initiative from winegrowers themselves is the result of a cooperation between the BIVB and the Confederation of Bourgogne Appellations and Winegrowers (CAVB), and aims to respond to societal expectations with regard to the use of pest and disease control products in the vines. The Charter includes an action plan, the feasibility of which will be tested in the vines over a year before being widened out.

This charter is in keeping with the Bourgogne tradition of being a driving force of change and taking a pragmatic approach to the future, and lead the whole profession towards achievable goals. This method draws upon the successful experience in fighting flavescence dorée, where working together allowed the Bourgogne winegrowing region to become the only French winegrowing region to reverse the spread of the disease while reducing the use of insecticides by 80% over three years.


The Regional Charter draws on four main fundamentals:
     - Dialog with local people and bodies, and shared experiments. The aim is not to duplicate what has been done elsewhere, but to adapt best practices to the reality of the Bourgogne winegrowing region
     - A structured campaign involving winegrowers, négociants, and lawmakers, with the support of the CAVB and the BIVB. Projects will also be driven by the ODGs, which form an essential local support network.
     - An initial budget of €100,000 euros has been approved by the BIVB for the 2017/2018 period, to finance activities.
     - An initial 12-month phase to test the actions proposed, which will be followed by a report and the setting of quantitative goals.


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