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Denmark: A fourth consecutive year of growth for Bourgogne wines


Key figures in 2021 for Bourgogne wines in Denmark

Key figures in 2021 for Bourgogne wines in Denmark

8th biggest market by volume, ahead of Germany

9th biggest market in terms of revenue, ahead of Sweden

Exports: 3.85 million bottles (up 23.4% on 2020), for 43 million euros (up 27% on 2020)

by volume 

  • Still white wines 57%
  • Still red/rosé wines 26%
  • Crémant de Bourgogne 17%

In 2021, Bourgogne wines accounted for 23% of the volume of French AOC wines exported to Denmark, for 29% of the revenue in this category.

Denmark entered the top 10 markets for Bourgogne wines in terms of revenue in 2020, and it confirmed its place in 2021, ahead of Sweden. By volume, the country has been in ninth place for the past 10 years. According to Philippe de Marcilly, sales director of the Maison Albert Bichot, there are two reasons for this success: “Growth in Bourgogne wine sales has been exponential over the past two years, notably due to lockdowns. Deprived of restaurants, consumers continued to spend the same amount on wines for drinking at home. This meant they moved up a notch, notably turning to Bourgogne wines from specialist wine stores. At the same time, while Bourgogne white wines have dominated exports for more than 20 years and Crémant de Bourgogne sales continue to grow, there is fresh interest in red wines. Having long favored very structured red wines, Danish wine-lovers are now looking for “drinkability”, embodied by the delicacy of Bourgogne red wines. Overall, the health crisis has spurred Danish interest in our appellations, which we hope will be a lasting phenomenon.”

2021: An excellent year for Bourgogne wines, surpassing 1998

For the fourth consecutive year, Bourgogne wine sales grew on this market, after several years of decline. 2021 even ended with records in terms of both export revenue and volume, surpassing those from 1998. This growth confirmed the upward trend begun in 2019:

  • Up 23.4% by volume on 2020
  • Up 27% in terms of revenue on 2020

In 2021, Bourgogne wines posted the strongest growth by volume of all still French wines, with an increase of the equivalent of 732,000 bottles on 2020. Revenue was also up by 9.2 million euros on 2020.

For the second consecutive year, Crémant de Bourgogne showed the best growth among French sparkling wines (excluding Champagne), with volume sales up by 65,000 bottles on 2020 and revenue up by 296,000 euros.


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