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Château de Pommard welcomes new assistant winemaker Eric Pignal


Château Pommard - Eric Pignal

A native of Normandy, Eric studied mathematics and finance and initially worked as a financial analyst. But still, he felt like something was missing. After several harvests he realized his true calling was not in finance, but in winemaking.

And with that, he quit the world of finance, relocated to Bourgogne and studied viticulture and enology through CFPPA in Beaune (Centre de Formation Professionnelle et de Promotion Agricole). Since then, he has worked with winemakers across the globe, on the Sonoma Coast, in New Zealand and Australia.

Like Château de Pommard, most of the wineries Eric has worked at focus on a biodynamic approach. In collaboration with Château de Pommard Winemaker Emmanuel Sala and Biodynamic Specialist Antoine Lepetit de la Bigne, his aim in joining the team is to further the biodynamic efforts and help make the best wines possible from these heralded methods.

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