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Cave de Prestige : The new ambassadors are announced


Cave de Prestige : The new ambassadors are announced

The 51st awards ceremony for the Bourgogne Wines Cave de Prestige was held on Thursday 30 June 2022, at La Comédie du Vin in Beaune. François Labet and Laurent Delaunay, Co-Presidents of the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB), were delighted to announce a fine selection of wines, despite a complicated period in terms of availability. Some 144 wines from 97 producers were honored, representing 17% of the wines submitted.

The Bourgogne Wines Cave de Prestige has become a true reference over the 50 years since its creation. The standard is very high with just 17% of 831 submissions in 2022 being awarded the precious label after being filtered through three judging panels. This rigor is essential in order to meet the expectations and needs of consumers, and guarantee an irreproachable level of quality.
Each time the BIVB hosts gastronomic events or training courses or events in France and abroad, every time it welcomes special guests or members of the press, and for all tasting session at the École des Vins de Bourgogne or for market influencers, it exclusively serves wines from the Cave de Prestige collection. There are plenty of opportunities to showcase these wines which are presented under their own label, but also bear the official label of the selection.

“Despite the limited availability of Bourgogne wines at the moment, we are proud to be able to offer a very good selection for 2022,” said François Labet, Co-President of the BIVB.  “Indeed, we received far fewer submissions this year, unlike previous years, with just 831 wines presented in 2022 compared to 1,580 last year. This 47% decrease alone symbolizes the paradoxical times we are living in – we produced our smallest vintage in almost 40 years in 2021, but we have never sold so much wine!” he explains.

Some 43 new producers have either been included in the Cave de Prestige for the first time or have returned to the selection after one or more years of absence. This reflects both the BIVB’s commitment to this selection, and the dynamism of the Bourgogne wine industry to continue striving for greater quality.

This year was a first for the Pouilly-Fuissé Premier Cru appellation which made its entry into the Cave de Prestige with the 2020 vintage, from which just over half the winning wines hailed. This “lockdown” vintage was a very fast one, producing some remarkable wines that enjoyed a very early harvest. Such unique conditions resulted in some quite unique wines.

Before the summer is over, all the winning wines will be showcased on the website. You will find them in the section dedicated to the Cave de Prestige.

Key figures for the 2022 edition

Regionales AOCs : 42 wines (29,5%) - In 2021 : 55 wines (27,1%)

Village AOCs : 61 wines (42,5%) - In 2021 :  84 wines (41,4%)

Village Premier Cru AOCs : 37 wines (25,5%) - In 2021 : 57 wines (28,1%)

Grands Crus AOCs : 4 wines (2,5%) - In 2021 : 7 wines (3,40%)

The Cave de Prestige in 4 questions


Producers and winegrowers from Bourgogne are free to submit whichever appellations they wish, from Régionale to Grand Cru AOCs, from any vintage they have for sale.
The BIVB is particularly keen to promote entry-level wines, namely Régionale appellations, including Bourgogne and Mâcon wines with an additional geographical denomination. The Cave de Prestige reflects the diversity of the Bourgogne winegrowing region because it includes almost all of its 84 appellations.Key


The wines are selected through a blind tasting by a panel of experts including technicians, enologists, and industry professionals. They are divided up according to their expertise to sample a group of appellations, to which they attribute a score. Wines that obtain a minimum of 16/20 go through to the second round. These exceptional wines are then sampled by a “super jury” and the highest-rated are admitted to the Cave de Prestige.


The BIVB buys the selected wines with their original labels. Then all the wines from the Cave de Prestige are used during promotional, training, and marketing events:
• Masterclasses in France and abroad, at press dinners, and educational tastings organized by the BIVB’s press service.
• The École des Vins de Bourgogne within the framework of its training activities.
• PR events with partners such as the Cité des Vins et des Climats de Bourgogne and the Cité Internationale du Vin in Bordeaux.


The BIVB adds its own label, a symbol of excellence and recognition of expertise on the bottles it buys. But the estates, winegrowers, and cooperative cellars are welcome to use it in their own marketing tools (catalogues, websites, leaflets, etc.). As with any award, this selection is an additional and valuable sales tool.