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Bourgogne wines economic report: A mixed start to 2023


© BIVB / Jessica Vuillaume

The 2022-2023 campaign, which has just ended, marked a slight return to normality. The generous 2022 vintage made it possible to partially replenish stocks and/or meet back orders waiting for stocks to become available.

The marketing results for the current year need to be seen in the context of big changes in the last two years, when many economic and geopolitical uncertainties were making the markets more timid.

- The 2022 harvest (around 1.75 million hectoliters, or just over 233 million bottles) has partially replenished stocks, even though the average harvest over five years remains below 1.5 million hectoliters (around 190 million bottles).
Nevertheless, at the end of July 2023, stocks at the estates remain well below the five-year average.

- Export sales continue to grow. The volumes exported fell slightly, after a strong year in 2022, but remained higher than in the pre-Covid period (2019): up 5.3% in volume (taking the first six months of 2023 compared to the first six months of 2019).


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