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Bourgogne wines are flirting with records...


Bourgogne wines are flirting with records...

Over the first part of 2021, Bourgogne wines enjoyed growth in terms of exports to almost all markets. That was even better than 20191. This was mainly due to the 2020 harvest, the boom in consumption during confinement, and government recovery schemes.

Over the coming year, however, this may well be challenged by the slim pickings of the 2021 harvest and the potential slowdown of the global economy.

  • The 2020 harvest (almost 1.56 million hectoliters) is giving a boost to sales from the winery and transactions.
  • Although stocks by the end of July 2021 seemed to be down on the five-year average, they are being supplemented by equivalent stocks in the négoce trade.
  • In terms of exports, growth was strong, with results even better than 2019, up 22.1% by volume and 26.2% in terms of revenue for the first seven months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2019.
  • In France, Bourgogne wines continued to show growth, particularly thanks to their presence across all kinds of retail outlets.
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