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Bourgogne Wine Press Conference video and press kit (March 2024)


From the left: François Labet, Laurent Delaunay, Raphaël Dubois

On Wednesday 20 March, Raphaël Dubois, President of the Grands Jours de Bourgogne, Laurent Delaunay and François Labet, Presidents of the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB), gave a press conference at the largest open-air wine fair in Bourgogne.

The video is available below, as is the PDF version of the press kit distributed at the event. 

The press kit content

Market update : Bourgogne has what it takes to remain a market leader them! 

  • The Regional Market: Generous availability eases trade tensions

               - Vintage 2023: Bourgogne demonstrates its potential!

               - Estate sales: Growth driven by bulk sales of grapes and must

  • Exports: Market share to be reclaimed thanks to two beautiful vintages, amid a more competitive environment

               - Three main export areas for Bourgogne wines 
               - Countries in the European geographical area 
               - North America 
               - Countries in Asia 

With WinePilot, Bourgogne is gearing up to become carbon neutral

The Vignobles & Découvertes Tourist Cellars Guide Let’s go wine-tasting in Bourgogne!

The Bourgogne 2023 vintage:  Surpassing all expectations!

               - Climatology of the 2023 vintage

The 2022 Vintage in Bourgogne:  Promise fulfilled!

               - The weather in 2022

Press conference video (Wednesday, March 20, 2024)

Please note a small correction on the volumes of the 2023 vintage announced at 7.40mn of the video. If the volume harvested is indeed almost 1.9 million hectolitres, the number of bottles is as follows:

Total: 253 million 75cl bottles, broken down as follows:

- White wines: just over 149.6 million bottles
- Red and rosé wines: just over 69.9 million bottles
- Crémant de Bourgogne: almost 33.8 million bottles


Press contact: Cécile Mathiaud, BIVB Head of PR)

Phone: +33 (0)6 08 56 85 56 -