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Bourgogne Week London: The 2016 vintage makes its official bow

From 08/01/2018 to 12/01/2018

Bourgogne Week London: The 2016 vintage makes its official bow


Over the course of a week, British importers will present their selections of Bourgogne wines from the 2016 vintage. Given the importance of the event, many Bourgogne professionals will travel to the capital to be on hand as their latest vintage is sampled for the first time beyond their own cellars.

The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) is supporting the various events organized through the week through a dedicated promotional campaign. Strategic partnerships with some trade press and a communication plan on social media will all help to spread the word.

In 2017, the media campaign generated more than three million hits on social media, giving an undeniable impact to both the promotion and subsequent wine sales.

Throughout Bourgogne Week, the Bourgogne wines’ Twitter account (@Bourgognewines) will allow you to follow events through the adventures of “Bourgogne Holmes” as he heads off on the trail of the lesser-known appellations and other secrets about Bourgogne wines, sharing his most interesting discoveries.

So don’t miss out, and keep your eye on #BourgogneWeek.

Participants can share their experiences with posts through the following social media platforms using the hashtag #BourgogneWeek:

- Twitter: @BourgogneWines

- Facebook: @BourgogneWines

- Instagram: @VinsdeBourgogne

- LinkedIn: @BIVB


By mid-December, the dedicated website will be uptdated with all the dates and information to help you enjoy the Bourgogne Week London.


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