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Bourgogne Week 2020 launches as 2018 vintage reigns supreme


14 tasting already planified by importers for the trade @BIVB / Robin Stewart

Bourgogne Wines will be taking center stage once more in London, from 7th - 16th January 2020 for the annual Bourgogne Week, supported by the BIVB. Winemakers and négociants from across Bourgogne will make their way to London to present their 2018 vintage with a focus on Régionale AOCs + geographical denomination to meet current demand from UK trends and expand Bourgogne’s market offering. 

The quality and quantity of 2018 Bourgogne will be on full show during the week, with healthy volumes from this vintage, thanks to generous water supply in the winter which helped the vines during the very hot and dry summer as well as a harvest which took place when the grapes has reached full maturity. Anne Moreau, Co-President of the Bourgogne Communication Commission, comments, “The 2018 vintage is an absolute dream for Bourgogne for both quality and quantity. Across the whole of Bourgogne, we are hearing from all of the appellations that we could not have had a better vintage.”

The new vintage release follows positive export growth in the UK market in the first nine months of 2019 with 7.9% growth in volume* and 5.4% in value*. In light of Brexit, Moreau comments: “even in more challenging markets the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) sees great opportunities for more accessible wines from Régionale AOCs + geographical denomination which offer fantastic quality for value. The UK market remains an important market for Bourgogne wines and we continue to support our importers who have actively promoted our wines for many years.”


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