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A new website targeting millennials:


A new website targeting millennials:


The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) has redesigned its website to better meet the expectations of future consumers. Indeed, according to a study carried out in 2021 with Cabinet Kantar, Bourgogne wines have real capital in terms of interest amongst millennials aged 25-45, which needs to be maintained with a changing population. The language of wine, which can tend to the technical, may be intimidating for some. As a result, the BIVB is providing more accessible information about Bourgogne wines through more immersive, streamlined, and dynamic communication.

Bourgogne wines respond to the expectations of millennials
The BIVB promotes Bourgogne wines by providing rich and varied content through its website. Indeed, the site is a veritable encyclopedia of useful information. And to facilitate access to this, the BIVB is proposing a new, simpler and more appealing approach.
The site now offers more fluid and simplified navigation, so visitors can better find their way around the different sections of the site. Some 64% of people who visit the www.bourgogne website do so through their smartphone, and its layout has now been optimized for cellphones.

The BIVB worked on this makeover with young graphic designers to better meet the needs of their generation, whilst drawing on the finding of the Kantar study.
The site has been given a full makeover with streamlined and modernized content. The illustrations - and photos in particular - immerse visitors in the atmosphere of the modern-day Bourgogne region, which is both contemporary yet still authentic.

A simplified homepage to encourage engagement

  • The homepage has become the showcase for the site, with a carrousel showing different sections like wine tourism, the Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne, the École des Vins de Bourgogne, the BIVB’s Cave de Prestige wine selection, and so on.
  • Promotion of content that is useful to site visitors: Appellations, winegrowers and négociants, local events, etc.
  • New sections to help visitors deepen their understanding of the world of wine: Winegrowing vocabulary is explained using simple definitions, there are reportages carried out by the BIVB, key figures from the region are showcased using accessible graphics, and food and wine pairings are suggested along with some simple recipes to follow.
  • Human connection is front and center: Site visitors can find out more about winegrowers and négociants by clicking on their individual profiles that open a doorway onto this passionate trade.

All of these elements are regularly updated. As such, the website is a precious tool for keeping up-to-speed in real time about the latest news from the region.

Key points

• Rich and high-quality content with a vocabulary that speaks to the viewer
• Simple and fluid navigation making the site faster and easier to read
• Larger visuals to create a sense of immersion.
• Dynamic visual communication with a modern look and feel to guide the visitor’s eye
• Optimized for viewing on a smartphone
• An omnipresent footer with strategic links to the most useful information

Welcome to immersive communication with appealing visuals