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This area is dedicated to wine professionals including sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine store owners importers and trainers. Welcome to your very own BIVB website where you can find all the tips and tools you need. You will find documentation, photography, training tools and all kinds of other useful information here to facilitate your search. You can also browse our events and training calendar and you are welcome to attend any that appeal. If you require any further information then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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The official Bourgogne wines websites
The official Bourgogne wines websites

Bourgognes International

The exclusive letter for wine distributors

N°67 / October 2018

Harvest 2018 in Bourgogne - © BIVB /

The 2018 harvest, a bumper crop!

The harvests in the Bourgogne region drew to a close around 20 September, with what promises to be a great vintage.

At the end of September, the harvests which began on 20 August for the earliest-ripening plots came to an end. For the later sectors – notably the Hautes Côtes, the Chablis region, and certain Climats in Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune on the Côte – winemakers enjoyed excellent weather conditions, and the outstanding good health of the crop meant they could allow the harvests to stretch out over time while they waited for optimum maturity.
Judging by the smiles on the faces of local producers, one thing is sure: The future vintage has lived up to all expectations, both in terms of quality and quantity. Fermentation is mostly still underway, and the early signs suggest wines with good color and balance. The tastings which will precede the Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction at the end of November will no doubt confirm this excellent first impression.
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An appellation revealed

All you need to know about the Bouzeron appellation - © BIVB / Aurélien Ibanez
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Bouzeron, the exception

How well do you know this appellation?


Sales of Bourgogne wines to Quebec – all the data you need  © All rigths reserved
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In Quebec, Canada, Bourgogne wines are booming!

Figures from the Canadian monopolies for 2017 confirm the popularity of Bourgogne wines.

Experience Bourgogne wines

Viré-Clessé “levrouté” and demi-sec wines - © BIVB / Aurélien Ibanez
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New: Viré-Clessé authorized to produce “levrouté” and demi-sec wines

Since June, producers in Viré-Clessé have official INAO authorization to include the wording “levrouté” and "demi-sec" on their labels.
Wine Tour Australia 2018 - © All rights reserved
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Wine Tour Australia 2018

Take part in tastings and professional training during the Wine Tour Australia 2018.
The Bouzeron appellation hits 20! - © All rights reserved
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Bouzeron celebrates its 20th anniversary in November

And this provides the occasion for some special tastings reserved for wine industry professionals.
GDPR – Our privacy policy - © All rights reserved
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GDPR – Our privacy policy

Full disclosure!

Diary of our events

Events for wine professionals in October, November and December 2018 - © BIVB / Aurélien Ibanez
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Some dates for your diary

Don’t miss out on any upcoming industry events involving Bourgogne wines and their producers.

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