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This area is dedicated to wine professionals including sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine store owners importers and trainers. Welcome to your very own BIVB website where you can find all the tips and tools you need. You will find documentation, photography, training tools and all kinds of other useful information here to facilitate your search. You can also browse our events and training calendar and you are welcome to attend any that appeal. If you require any further information then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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The official Bourgogne wines websites
The official Bourgogne wines websites

Bourgognes International

The exclusive letter for wine distributors

N°45 / October 2015

©BIVB/Michel Joly

2015: A great year for the Bourgogne winegrowing region!

The tone of the vintage was set back in springtime: it was going to be an
early one. Flowering took place over the space of a few days in early
June, suggesting that picking would start in late August or early

This year was also marked by some exceptional summer weather. It was sunny and hot, in July in particular. The vines progressed through the growth cycle and the grapes began to ripen in mid-July. Their development then slowed, with several weeks of heat wave and very limited rainfall. Then a little precipitation in August helped push the vines to finish ripening.

The grapes were then quick to mature, with sugar content rising rapidly.
Acidity levels were very satisfactory, in harmony with the aromatic potential already present, and will give rise to perfectly balanced wines.

The summer weather also helped stave off any potential disease, leaving the vines in excellent health. This optimal situation meant that the grapes were harvested in magnificent condition and perfectly ripe. The lack of rainfall did have some consequences for yields, which were lower than average. Low yields were also noted in those areas in the northern part of the region that were hit by hail this year (Chablis, Auxerrois), as well as those that suffered hailstorms last year in the north of the Côte de Beaune and the Mâconnais.

The 2015 vintage is thus expected to be a splendid one, confirming that sometimes, this region truly is blessed by the gods!


© BIVB / Image & Associés
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Bourgogne wine sales: Prices buoyant with stable volumes

The 2014 vintage provided generous yields with good quality, and is now the core of activity in the regional market. Bulk sales from estates are up on the strength of this, since 94% of volumes sold came from the 2014 harvest. 

At your service

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Support the Restos du Cœur charity through a sale of exceptional wines in Paris on 24 October!

On Saturday 24 October, the 12 de Cœur organization, working in conjunction with the Restos du Cœur charity that provides meals for the homeless in France, will be selling 5,000 bottles of wine donated by winemakers, cooperative cellars, and négociants. These benevolent wine-industry professionals have donated 12 bottles of their best wines to raise money to help the most needy. The 12 de Cœur charity aims to raise €100,000 in one day, which will in turn fund 100,000 meals provided by the Les Restos du Cœur.
© BIVB / Images & Associés
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Bourgogne wines take a tour, visiting wine stores, fairs, and trade shows around France

To extend the fall tradition of wine promotions at supermarkets across France, the winemakers of the Bourgogne wine region will be spending December touring the country and visiting wine stores, fairs, and trade shows. 
Learn about Bourgogne wines anytime and anywhere! © BIVB / DR
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So you think you know everything there is to know about Bourgogne wines?

The BIVB’s eLearning tool is available in four languages and allows market influencers and lovers of Bourgogne wines to improve their knowledge of the smallest of the world’s celebrated winegrowing regions. Use it to go beyond the clichés, whilst studying at your own pace. A dynamic, updated version is now available as an interactive application for download, containing a wealth of material including videos, 360° photos, personal accounts and quizzes. 
© BIVB/Michel JOLY
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Professional Certificate of Sensorial Analysis (CPAS) of Bourgogne Wines

Applications are now open for the 2016 session of the Professional Certificate of Sensorial Analysis of Bourgogne Wines. Put it in your diary now!

Diary of our events

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Click here to see the calendar of upcoming Bourgogne wine professional events.

Click here to see the calendar of upcoming Bourgogne wine professional events.

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