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This area is dedicated to wine professionals including sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine store owners importers and trainers. Welcome to your very own BIVB website where you can find all the tips and tools you need. You will find documentation, photography, training tools and all kinds of other useful information here to facilitate your search. You can also browse our events and training calendar and you are welcome to attend any that appeal. If you require any further information then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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The official Bourgogne wines websites
The official Bourgogne wines websites

Bourgognes International

The exclusive letter for wine distributors

N°69 / December 2018

2017 Vintage in Bourgogne - © BIVB / Jean-Louis Bernuy

The 2017 vintage, all the elegance of Bourgogne wines

A year on, and tasting confirms the wonderful success of this vintage!

In 2017, the Bourgogne region returned to harvest volumes that were closer to the average, particularly for the reds. Moreover, the quality of the wines was high. This has been confirmed by markets, which rapidly hailed this vintage as one with all the elegance generally associated with Bourgogne wines.

The vines were boosted by a very warm spring, and right from budburst in early April were ahead of the norm, maintaining this advance until the harvest. Then everything followed on very quickly. There were a few periods of heatwave during the summer, alternating with more mixed weather. Ripening continued at a good rhythm, nonetheless. At the end of August, the first grapes were harvested, two weeks in advance of the average. Harvesting continued until mid-September to allow each plot to harvest in turn. The only drawback was that certain sectors that had been hit by spring frosts did not produce the yields producers had hoped for, particularly in terms of the whites.

A year on, and tastings have confirmed our first impressions: 2017 is a vintage that has revealed some wonderful successes!

Click here to find out more about the vintage by color and region.


An appellation revealed

Saint-Romain Vine in Bourgogne - © BIVB / Aurélien Ibanez
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Saint-Romain, a rich history

How well do you know this appellation?

Experience Bourgogne wines

 Bourgogne Week - © BIVB / All rights reserved
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Bourgogne Week in London 2019

A showcase for Bourgogne wines in London

Take advantage of this event to promote your selection of Bourgogne wines and to launch the 2017 vintage on the market!

Bourgogne Week runs in the UK capital from Monday 7 January to Friday 11 January 2019. It is a key event in the wine industry calendar that allows importers and distributors to present the new vintage to the market, while sharing the diversity of Bourgogne wines. It’s also a chance to invite producers and négociants from the region to come and present their wines to tastemakers like wine-store owners, journalists, and sommeliers, along with confirmed wine buffs.

This event, which has been running for some years now and building up quite a fan base, is supported by the BIVB through an in-depth marketing strategy across social media and via partnerships with The Buyer and The Drinks Business.

In 2018, our various “Bourgogne Week” publications across social media enjoyed 3.6 million hits, enabling those hosting events to enjoy strong attendance at their gatherings.

It’s simple to take part:

•     If you’re an importer or distributor, contact us with details of your event so that we can feature it on our page and get the word out. Use the hashtag #BourgogneWeek across social media and the BIVB will share all your posts.

•     If you’d like to take part in any Bourgogne Week events, check out regularly the website And don’t forget to share your Bourgogne wine-related photos, thoughts, and discoveries on social media with the hashtag #BourgogneWeek.

For more information, please contact

 28th Grand Auxerrois Wine Competition - © BIVB / All rights reserved
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The results of the 28th Grand Auxerrois Wine Competition

The 28th edition of the competition confirms the quality of the 2016 and 2017 vintages.
Vegetative cycle of the vine - ©  BIVB / Michel Joly
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New: The “Winemaker in Bourgogne, an artisanal craft” film series

Discover the unique bond between people and the land.
Eight new Official Ambassadors for Bourgogne wines in France - © BIVB / All rights reserved
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Eight new Official Ambassadors for Bourgogne wines in France

Discover the role of our Official Ambassadors.
International Wine Paris 2019 - © Wine Paris / BIVB / Michel Joly
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Wine Paris: The essential trade show from 11-13 February 2019

Have you signed up yet?
Bourgogne Week Hong Kong - © BIVB / All rights reserved
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Bourgogne Week Hong Kong: Save the date

The dates for the upcoming Bourgogne Week Hong Kong have just been announced: 25 February to 1st March 2019.

Diary of our events

Events for wine professionals in December - © BIVB / Aurélien Ibanez
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Some dates for your diary

Don’t miss out on any upcoming industry events involving Bourgogne wines and their producers.

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