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The winegrower works the vine, vinifies the grapes, ages the wines and sells the bottles.
In Bourgogne, perhaps more than anywhere else, the winegrower has retained strong ties to the land and often works his or her own vines, frequently as a family concern. Some estates have been handed down over centuries, from generation to generation. Others have a more recent history, born from a personal encounter with the Bourgogne region and its wines.

You will come across Bourgogne locals and other French people, but also Japanese, Americans, Belgians, Brits, Canadians and Koreans amongst others, all of whom have converted to the notion of terroir and the exceptional savoir-faire that is the legacy of the Climats of Bourgogne. They are all ready to tell you about it and share their story and their passion.


The average size of an estate is small, at between 7-8 hectares on average. The vines of each property are often spread over several appellations or even several winegrowing regions from Chablis to Mâcon, unlike the Bordeaux model where the chateau is typically surrounded by its vines.
There are almost 4,000 winegrowing businesses covering just over 1,100 estates selling at least 10,000 bottles each. A few winegrowers are now developing the négoce side of the business, buying in grapes in order to expand their range of wines.

Profession : Wine-growers

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