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Established in the heart of the winegrowing village of Epineuil, in an ancient property, "Le Clos des Sens", we invite you to discover the best of our Terroir, by visiting our traditional vaulted cellar.
Having taken the decision to move to organic production in order to respect our vines, produce excellent grapes (the only valid requirement, in our opinion, for making good wines) and to respectfully enhance the identity of each of our Climats, we have set out on this path and hope to make the switch as soon as our plans are properly in place, as we only established our vineyard in 2010.
We are therefore using very environmentally-friendly techniques: no herbicides, and weeding is done with integral ploughing.
With the aim of extending the family estate (Domaine de Marsoif), we have succeeded in finding a few acres of old vines on the Coteau des Dannots, to create the Domaine du Val Grévin, in reference to the famous caricaturist and founder of the Parisian waxworks museum, who was originally from Epineuil.
Its few Pinot Noir wines perfectly express all the complexity of the red fruits in our red Bourgogne Epineuil, spicy and fruity.
The village of Epineuil also provides good, fruity, tangy, fresh rosé wines, and has produced them traditionally since time immemorial.
Finally, and the fruit of our careful, environmentally-friendly work, this hillside produces an excellent Crémant de Bourgogne, which harks back to the fact that Epineuil once belonged to Champagne in past centuries.
Another Climat, Les Vauceuses: here, the monks produced an excellent Chardonnay after the implementation of the Tonnerre vineyard.
With an ideal aspect, it now produces a great Bourgogne Tonnerre, which is fine, mineral and elegant, on floral (acacia) and fruity notes. The first vine replanted by my father, Régis Masson, in 1990, during the renaissance of the Tonnerre vineyard, this Terroir provides exceptional white wines which improve from one year to the next. It is no wonder that the renown of the "good wine of Tonnerre" made famous by the Chevalier d'Eon, a spy for Louis XV, reached as far as the Russian court.
An emblematic character of the Tonnerrois region, he himself produced wines on the Climat de Champs boudons, a plot which we were very proud to take over in 2012 to produce a historic Bourgogne Tonnerre...
So don't hesitate to come and visit us to discover all these treasures, to share, to give as gifts or to treat yourself to... we would be delighted to welcome you to our cellar or to our vines.

Conscious that children also have a place in your visit, we offer a range of activities (creative/drawing workshops) to allowing you to enjoy your stay in Epineuil to the full.
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Proud of our Terroir and our heritage, we invite you to discover them on a walk through the vineyard (booking required)

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