Domaine des Grands Fers


It was in 1890 that Antoine Vermorel, my vinegrower-winemaker great-grandfather in Fleurie at ‘Le Point du Jour’, bought the farmhouse at ‘Les Grands Fers’ to manage his estate from. After over 120 years and three generations, I am proud to have been stewarding my great-grandfather’s little estate that is made up of the most fabulous terroirs in the Fleurie appellation area – including Les Roches, Les Garants, Les Côtes and Les Moiriers – since 1991. Vine-tending that is close to nature, made up of observation and patience, well thought-out vinification following absolute tradition and long and noble wood maturing (barrels and tuns) bring out the pedigree of our old Gamay vines giving deep coloured, redolent, rich and thoroughbred wines.

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