Climats and lieux-dits : the ultimate expression of Bourgogne terroir

The Climats and lieux-dits give Bourgogne wines their unique identity. Their names bear witness to the region’s rich history. Their origins lie in the environment, local heritage, savoir-faire (know-how) and human history.
The Climats and lieux-dits are the ultimate expression of the notion of terroir. They guarantee the unique characteristics of each wine and offer an unrivaled taste experience.

Did you know?

 The Clos, an illustration of the Climats of Bourgogne

A clos is a plot of vines traditionally surrounded with dry-stone walls.
Constructed as far back as the Middle Ages, these walls were destined to protect the vines from the herds of animals which used to pass freely through the villages. Some clos are among the most reputed Climats such as Clos de Tart, Clos de Bèze, and Clos des Lambrays.

Climats and lieux-dits

The Climats: unique to the Bourgogne region

© BIVB / ARMELLEPHOTOGRAPHE Meuger in the wine growing region of the Mâconnais

In Bourgogne, a Climat refers to a plot of vines, gradually and precisely demarcated by man, and which has been recognized by its name for centuries, often since the Middle Ages. Each Climat has specific geological, hydrometric and exposure characteristics. The production of each Climat is vinified separately, from a single grape variety, and the wine thus produced takes the name of the Climat from which it comes.
The personality of the Climat is expressed in the wine, vintage after vintage, thanks to the know-how of the winegrower. Nowhere else in the world has man sought to so precisely and intimately link wine production to its place of origin.
The Climats de Bourgogne are thus the essence of the Bourgogne viticulture model.

Some examples of Climats
The Climat Montrachet, classified as an appellation Grand Cru and whose territory covers parts of both Puligny-Montrachet and Chassagne-Montrachet in the Côte de Beaune
The Climat Clos du Château de Montaigu, a Mercurey Premier Cru in the Côte Chalonnaise
The Climat Ménétrière in the Pouilly Fuissé, appellation Village Premier Cru in the Mâconnais
The Climat Côte Saint-Jacques, in the Jovinien, next to the Auxerrois, linked to the appellation Régionale Bourgogne


Lieux-dits: intimately linked to the Climats

Hill of Corton - © BIVB / Michel Joly

The term lieu-dit

The terms Climat and lieu-dit are often confused in the region, and this is not helped by the fact that one can find several lieux-dits within a single Climat, or a Climat that only covers part of a lieu-dit. However, Climat refers specifically to a winegrowing plot where as lieu-dit is a generic geographical term. 


The Climats

A treasure for Mankind

Climats and lieux-dits

The historical development of the notion of Climats across Bourgogne