The vineyards of Bourgogne produce some great wines with a historical and international reputation. However, the region is not simply limited to its iconic appellations. In addition to its Village Premier Cru and Grand Cru AOCs, it also produces a range of wonderful Régionale and Village appellations to explore.

You will also find a full list of the Bourgogne’s Climats and lieux-dits on this page.

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However, your exploration has only just begun. Bourgogne wines have never before offered such high quality. Besides our range of internationally celebrated wines, try some of our lesser-known appellations where there are lots of surprises in store.

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  • Category

    Village appellation

  • Wine-producing region


  • Creation of the appellation

    11 septembre 1936

  • Colour

    White wines only - Chardonnay

  • Area under production*:
    1 hectare (ha) = 10,000 m2 = 25 coupées.
    758.51 ha.

    * in 2018 

  • Appellation Village of the Mâconnais region (Saône-et-Loire).
    On the label, this appellation may be followed by the name of the Climat of origin.
    Producing communes: Fuissé, Solutré-Pouilly, Vergisson, Chaintré.

Wine Characteristics - Pouilly-Fuissé


Elegant and full of charm, this white wine has a colour ranging from pale to deep gold, flecked with green. Different families of aromas make up the bouquet: mineral notes (silex), almond and hazelnut, citrus notes (lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple), white fruits (peaches), bracken, acacia, breadcrumbs, buttered brioche, and honey. In the mouth it is possible to discern the differences between wines from different plots. The texture is opulent, and the structure, thanks partly to the wine’s natural richness, is full of flavour. It is by nature delicate and distinguished. This wine is not to be confused with the Pouilly-Fumé, which comes from the banks of the Loire River.

Wine Steward’s Tip - Pouilly-Fuissé

Steward’s Tip

White: straightforward, rich and complex, it has a characteristic hint of minerality which allows it to partner noble crustaceans (king prawns, lobster, crawfish) as well as foie gras. With acidity and smoothness sonicely in balance, it goes well with white meats such as veal or poultry in cream sauce, as well as many varieties of goat’s cheese. Its aromatic power means it can also match spicy and perfumed exotic dishes such as couscous, fish tajines, or sweet-and-sour prawns. Sushi is also enhanced by its minerality.
Serving temperature: 11 to 13°C.

Situation - Pouilly-Fuissé


The rocky outcrops of Solutré and Vergisson, emblematic of these vineyards, remind us that from a height of 500 metres, 200 million years of history is looking down on us! Indeed, 20,000 years ago one of the most fully evolved prehistoric cultures flourished here. This AOC, instituted in 1936, takes in the four villages of Solutré-Pouilly, Fuissé, Vergisson and Chaintré.

Terroirs - Pouilly-Fuissé


Lying on a foundation of fossiliferous limestone identical to those found further north in the Côte-d’Or, the Bajocien escarpments of Solutré and Vergisson owe their dramatic profile to the presence of hard fossil corals which have resisted erosion. The vines are planted on the slopes and at the foot of these two hills on clay-limestone soils of Jurassic origin mixed with scree from up-slope and, in one spot, schist. The hillsides are cut into by little steep-sided streams which give the slopes an easterly or south-easterly exposure. Altitudes: 200 to 300 metres.





List of "Climats et Lieux-dits"
for this appellation

"Climats" classified as 1er Cru

Au VigneraisAux BouthièresAux ChaillouxAux QuartsEn FranceEn ServyLa FrérieLa MaréchaudeLe ClosLe Clos de Monsieur NolyLe Clos de SolutréLe Clos ReyssierLes BrulésLes ChevrièresLes CraysLes MénétrièresLes PerrièresLes ReissesLes Vignes BlanchesPouillySur la RocheVers Cras


A la ChaneauA la CotonneA la Croix BonneAu Bois BillonAu BourgAu BucheratAu BuchotAu ChapalAu ClosAu GauliaAu Gros BoisAu MayAu MétertièreAu MouleAu PelouxAu SaugeAu SuifAux CharmesAux CombesAux ConcizesAux CoreauxAux Grands ChampsAux MorlaysAux MursAux PlantésAux PratsAux Vignes DessusBarvayBeauregardBois DayerBois de LacroixBois des FoussesBois du MolardBois LafayeBois SansonnetBois SeguinChamp PotardChamp RuyClos de la MaisonClos GaillardCombe PoncetDerrière la MaisonEn BertillonneEn BonnardEn BulandEn ButerieEn CarmentrantEn CenanEn Champ RouxEn CharmontEn ChatenayEn ChauffailleEn CourtesseEn LarzilleEn NancheEn OucheEn PomardEn PragneEn RecepeyEn RonchevatEn RontenouxEn RousselaineEn TanculEn TillierEn ValléeL'ArseLa BarrièreLa BaudotteLa BergerieLa BrétaudeLa BucharlatteLa CadoleLa CarrièreLa ChardetteLa ChattièreLa CorègeLa CôteLa Croix PardonLa DépendaineLa FolleLa Gorge au LoupLa Grange MurgerLa GrouillèreLa MouilleLa Petite BruyèreLa RoueLa RuèreLa Teppe CharpyLa Terre JeanducLa TouleLa TrucheLa VerchèreLa Vigne des VerchèresLamureLe Bois des TachesLe CarronLe Champ RocherLe Grand PréLe Haut de SavyLe MarteletLe MoulinLe NambretLe PlanLe RepostèreLe RoutéLe SabotierLe Sang ClosLes BelouzesLes Bois DenisLes ChardonnetsLes ChataigniersLes ChevauxLes CombettesLes CondeminesLes CourtelongsLes CreuzettesLes CrouxLes FourneauxLes GerbeauxLes Grandes TerresLes GuillouxLes InsartsLes JettesLes Longues RaiesLes MurgersLes PiassesLes PlessisLes PrâlesLes PréaudsLes Prés HautsLes ProugesLes QuartsLes RobéesLes RontetsLes RossinsLes ScélésLes SériesLes Terres du PerretLes TraversLes VerchèresLes Verchères de SavyLes VernaysLes Vieilles PlantesLes Vignes des TachesLong PoilMaison du VillardMont GarcinPetite CroixPetites BruyèresPierre LoteyPlan de BourdonPré de VauxPré des AiresSolutréSous le FourSur la RochetteSur les MoulinsVergissonVers AgnièresVers ChâneVers FauxVers la CroixVers la RocheVers PouillyVers Saint LégerVignes de la FontaineVignes de la HysVignes de la l'EauVignes de la RocheVignes DerrièreVignes des ChampsVignes du RiatVignes MottinVignes sur la Fontaine
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